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The European VoD Meetings took place from 3 to 6 September in Venice. It was the 1st edition of a necessary and much-awaited professional training course dedicated to European Cinema VoD platforms, distributors and aggregators, as well as tech providers and right holders interested in the digital distribution of their catalogue.

The European VoD Meetings were organized by EuroVoD, in partnership with the International Venice Film Festival and Venice Production Bridge, gathering 48 participants from 35 different companies, including 24 VoD platforms from 18 European countries.

The European VOD Meetings were a tremendous opportunity for the European network of EuroVoD members and a large number of companies working in the VoD sector, to share useful and constructive moments of benchmarking and networking.

The workshops on technology, digital marketing, audience development and branding, as well as the conferences on online piracy, heritage films and European policies regarding VoD provided a platform for all – on the emblematic and unique island of San Servolo - to build together a decisive segment of tomorrow’s audiovisual sector.

Under the presidency of Jean-Yves Bloch and management of Silvia Cibien, the expert guests invited to the debates were Cristian Mungiu, Nicola Mazzanti, Cristian Grece from the European Audiovisual Observatory, Reiner Rother (Deutsche Kinemathek), Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff), Chris Le Maitre (Audio-Visual Antipiracy Alliance), Thierry Chevillard (Blue Efficience), Marzena Rembowki (Netflix), Gabriele Bertolli (European Commission, Creative Europe), Laetitia Facon (CNC), Christine Eloy (Europa Distribution), Gianluca. Guzzo (MyMovies), Nikolaj Mathies Knudsen (Gruvi), Jaume Ripoll (Filmin), and were moderated by Michael Gubbins. The VoD Meetings also provided the opportunity to bring together the technical directors of UniversCiné, Kinow, EYZ Media, Filmdoo & Fassoo, thus allowing identifying the best practises and accurately analysing the key challenges of the sector.

EuroVoD will continue these discussions in Berlin, from 6 to 9 February, with, we strongly hope, just as much interest from the participants and the industry.

Applications for the second module of this 1st edition are already open online, on the EuroVoD website, until December 10th.

Three masterclasses, three 3-day workshops, pitching for stop motion shorts with 15 projects in the final, numerous presentations, LAIKA recruitment, animation breakfasts with special guests, and one-to-one meetings will take place during the 3rd edition of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum in Lodz (Poland, October 8-13, 2018). 

For almost one week Lodz, the third most populous Polish city, will become a capital of stop motion animation. Film producers, distributors, representatives of TV broadcasters and VOD platforms, animators and other guests from around the global animation industry invited to take part in ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum 2018 will share their knowledge with those who just take their first steps in the animation world.

ANIMARKT 2018 programme includes events open to public, as well as workshops and meetings available only for those selected in the recruitment process. The admission to ANIMARKT is free, however the registration is required. It can be done by visiting the event’s website: – the Programme 2018 section. 

ANIMARKT 2018 highlights 

  • Angela Poschet Masterclass “How to plan and schedule stop motion production to not lose money and do it successfully.” It will be a look behind the scenes of “Isle of Dogs” from the Production Supervisor point of view. Angela will talk about her work, involvement and responsibility: planning and monitoring the shooting timeline and the set and puppet fabrication progress during the whole production.

Angela Poschet is an award-winning Line Producer, Production Supervisor, Manager, Consultant for animation productions in Europe. Her credits include numerous distinctive and commercially successful film and television projects. She was the Production Supervisor on Wes Anderson latest stop motion movie “Isle of Dogs” and Tim Burton’s Oscar nominated “Frankenweenie”.

  • Alvaro Ceppi Masterclass "Paper Port: development and production of a Latin American paper-motion series.” Alvaro will go through the whole process of the show, a hybrid papercraft stop motion/2D TV series from Chile, from concept-story development to its production.

Alvaro Ceppi is a creative director, producer and partner of Zumbastico Studios ( Among his work are the animation series “Horacio & The Plasticines”, “Zumbastico Fantastico” (first original Latin American series premiered by Cartoon Network) and the hybrid stop-motion show "Paper Port", now on its 2nd season. He has also directed and produced several short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

During the Masterclass, Alvaro will be supported by Carlos Bleycher, Head of Story & Script of “Paper Port” series. 

  • Barry JC Purves Masterclass “Animation - a celebration of artifice.” Barry will look at what animation is, and how an awareness of the techniques and the tricks and the process are all part of the enjoyment of animation. Barry will also look at how this awareness of the artifice is shared by other arts such as theatre, opera and dance.

Barry JC Purves has been involved with stop motion animation for forty years now, on series as “Wind in the Willows” and most recently, “Twirlywoos”, as well as his own award winning darker, adult short films, such as “Next”, “Screen Play”, “Rigoletto”, “Achilles”, “Plume” and “Tchaikovsky”. Along the way, Barry was involved with “King Kong” and “Mars Attacks!”. Barry has written three books on animation, and teaches around the world. He also directs and designs for the theatre, and is currently involved with a play called “Playhouse Creatures” and a play about the Brontes.

  • ANIMARKT TALKS – one-day conference with presentations about presence of stop motion animation in commercials and video games. Detailed programme and keynote speakers of this event will be revealed soon.

ANIMARKT 2018 novelties 

  • LAIKA recruitment – the one and only meeting in Central and Eastern Europe, during which Anna Kvorning from LAIKA will recruit animators and costume fabricators to work in the studio in Portland, US. Anna Kvorning oversees talent acquisitions at LAIKA and has been with the studio for 5 years during the productions of “Boxtrolls”, “Kubo and the Two Strings” and “Missing Link”. 
  • Animation breakfast: Distribution and promotion of short films – Laure Goasguen from MIYU Distribution will share her experience on working with such titles as Oscar-nominated “Negative Space” (dir. Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter) and “Garden Party” (dir. Florian Babikian, Victor Caire, Vincent Bayoux, Lucas Navarro, Gabriel Grapperon, Théophile Dufresne). 
  • Animation breakfast: Funds, regional organizations, and animation. Meeting co-organized by Lodz Film Commission, an organization providing comprehensive and professional assistance to producers of feature, documentary, and animated films, will be a chance to gain knowledge of different ways of receiving financial and organizational support.
  • MOMAKIN agency consultations – MOMAKIN agency offers to liaison with talented artists and service providing companies working in animation industry, including animators, set designers, character designers, sculptors, model makers, puppet makers, post-production specialists and other crew members. It represents crew members who underpinned artistic successes of numerous international productions, including animated shorts, children’s series – both animated and documentaries. Consultations at ANIMARKT 2018 are aimed at producers looking for a film crew, as well as at professionals seeking for new projects.

 ANIMARKT 2018 supports new talents 

Introduced last year, ANIMARKT Pitching turned out to be a great success. Its winner, Martin Smatana, thanks to the received award was able to complete his short “The Kite”. A compilation of some scenes from this stop motion animation will be shown during the event.

At this year’s ANIMARKT Pitching representatives of the 15 projects selected for the pitching will take part in the training sessions with tutors experienced in script writing and public speaking: Wim Vanacker and Nancy Denney-Phelps. Then, the selected projects will be presented on October 11th, 2018 in front of the Jury and the audience. Pitching awards include contribution in-kind sponsored by the Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) with a value of PLN 60.000 (c.a. $16,000) and PLN 40.000 (c.a. $10,600), and prizes sponsored by Dragonframe, DitoGear, Playade Sound Studio, FestivalWhizz, Ale kino+, CITIA. 

To help new talents to improve their skills in creating stop motion animation, three 3-day workshops will take place at ANIMARKT 2018. Steven De Beul and Ben Tesseur from the successful Beast Animation studio will lead “Directing stop motion animation” workshop. Carlos Bleycher, a scriptwriter, content consultant and story editor specialized in animation and childrens’ oriented content, will give theoretical and practical examples how to develop characters of TV series that fit organically into the story (“Character development and storytelling” workshop). And for the second year running, Tim Allen will supervise a group of stop motion animators during his intense “Character animation” workshop.

ANIMARKT 2018 – networking opportunities

Networking plays a key role at ANIMARKT. To help people to get to know each other and start collaboration, this year a special Matchmaker tool will be introduced. All registered participants of ANIMARKT will gain the access to Matchmaker website with the profiles of all people taking part in the event. It will help in setting the one-on-one meetings and finding future collaborator.

ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum grows and this year all of its events will take place in EC1 Lodz complex, located in the revitalised buildings of the power plant which commenced generating and transferring power in 1907. It served as the main heat and power plant for the residents of Łódź until 2000. Currently EC1 Lodz – City of Culture is a space open for various cultural and artistic activities. It became the home of the National Centre for Film Culture, the Łódź Film Commission and the Centre for Comics and Interactive Narration.

For details on the full programme and to register for the ANIMARKT 2018 event, visit website:

Who stands behind ANIMARKT? 

The organizer of ANIMARKT is MOMAKIN ( – a multi-tasking unit working for popularizing and propagating animation and supporting creators in Poland and in international arenas.

The Main Partners of the event are: EC1 Łódź – City of Culture and Lodz Film Commission. The partners of ANIMARKT also include: Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) from Wroclaw which is also the founder of the awards for pitching winners, ASAF (Czech Republic), Mozinet (Hungary), Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Slovakia), Dragonframe, DitoGear, FestivalWhizz, Mlodzi w Lodzi, Playade Sound, CITIA, Ale kino+, Boutique Hotel’s, SPPA – Polish Animation Producers Association, SFP – Polish Filmmakers Association. ANIMARKT is partially funded by the International Visegrad Fund, Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

STRASBOURG: The European Parliament adopted the EU Copyright Directive yesterday, 12 September, with 438 votes in favour, 226 against and 39 abstaining. The law will protect the rights of authors and performers ensuring compensation for the use of their work. The law still has to be approved by the individual member states.

TRIESTE: The upcoming edition of When East Meet West (WEMW, 20-22 January 2019) will launch a new East & West double focus and will bring together over 450 film professionals from more than 35 countries and, in particular, from the 2019 spotlight regions: Central Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine) and Benelux.

WARSAW: FNE has teamed up with the Brussels based team of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) to bring you regular updates on EU cinema policies that impact all industry professionals across Europe. Click here for FNE UNIC EU Cinema Policy Update.

Today, the European Parliament decided to move ahead on the copyright reform by adopting the Directive by an overwhelming majority of 438 votes in favor, 226 against and 39 abstentions. ECSA welcomes this historical step forward for European creators and warmly thanks all Members of the European Parliament for sending such a strong message to the music authors of Europe.


The Federation of European Film Directors (FERA), the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE) and the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) welcome the vote on the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market by the European Parliament’s plenary.

They thank the Members of the European Parliament for listening to the authors and for establishing the need to define rules in the digital space to guarantee authors’ rights and support European creation.

FERA, FSE and SAA are particularly pleased with the adoption of significant improvements to provisions respecting fair remuneration in contracts of authors and performers, as well as the confirmation of the introduction of a very much needed new Article establishing a principle of fair and proportionate remuneration for authors from the exploitation of their works, including online (new Article -14). They insist on the need for the upcoming trilogue process to confirm this basic provision in favour of audiovisual authors and general improvements to Chapter 3, to effectively support European creators in the digital era.


“In spite of a very aggressive campaign against the proposed Copyright Directive, the Members of the European Parliament voted in favour of authors and the recognition that they need to be remunerated by whoever exploits their works. This is a big step forward that will have to be consolidated and even improved. said Cécile Despringre, SAA Executive Director.

“European screenwriters and directors’ work is hindered today by unstable, low income. The European Parliament rightly exercised its power to reverse the trend and set more sustainable conditions for tomorrow’s European audiovisual creation”said Pauline Durand-Vialle, FERA Chief Executive. 

“Today’s decision by the European Parliament will finally allow screenwriters and directors to benefit from the ever growing on-demand exploitation of their works”, said David Kavanagh, FSE Executive Officer.

EU Copyright Directive

25/08: Copyright Plenary Vote: Big Tech Tactics Revealed – Creativity Works!

Following the July Plenary vote, and the intense disinformation campaign produced by Big Tech, journalists and policymakers alike have uncovered disturbing truths.

27/08: Europe’s creative & cultural actors unite to call for an online environment that works for EU creativity –

“We prefer to invest our time and/or money in creation, jobs, growth and a plural and diverse cultural landscape. That is what we believe Europe is about. Real people that create real things and really want this reform to ensure the online world plugs the value gap”, mentions the statement.

04/09: MEPs in last-minute meeting ahead of crunch EU copyright vote – The Parliament Magazine

MEPs were meeting on Tuesday in a last-minute effort to agree a compromise that will be acceptable to a majority of deputies ahead of a key vote next week on the reforming EU copyright rules.

10/09: Intense lobbying continues ahead of EU copyright vote – The Parliament Magazine

World famous artist Wyclef Jean has joined others in urging MEPs to this week vote against a proposed reform of the EU copyright laws which has returned to the plenary following Parliament’s decision not to enter the interinstitutional negotiations.


EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive 

03/09: MEPs to vote on EU audiovisual media services reform next month – The Parliament Magazine

A vote in plenary in Strasbourg, the first after the summer recess, to endorse the new rules is likely to take place in the week starting 10 September.


European Elections 2019

24/08: 2019 European elections 'could be the most decisive yet' on future of EU – The Parliament Magazine

The next European elections could see a “flattening out” of the centre and further fragmentation of party support, according to a new report.


Recent Studies

EAO - The origin of films in VOD catalogues - August 2018IVIR Amsterdam - Global Online Piracy Study - July 2018EU OMC - The role of public policies in developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the cultural and creative sectors - April 2018


12 September: European Parliament Plenary Vote - EU Copyright Directive
24-27 September: FNCF Congress 2018 - Deauville 26 & 27 September: EUIPO Plenary Meeting 2018 - Alicante 
4 October: European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) 2018 - Vienna
8-9 October: Challenging (the) Content – Content made in Europe in the digital economy - Vienna
8-11 October: NATO Fall Summit
10 October: CICI Lunch - European Parliament, Brussels 
15 & 16 October: UNIC Cinema Days - Brussels 

A showcase of 8 documentary talents will be presented at the dok.incubator preview on 23rd September at Nordisk Panorama. Three films from the previous edition premiered at IDFA, one at Sundance, three competed at CPH:DOX, two were shown at Hot Docs and one has been selected for nomination for the European Film Academy Award. It is of no surprise, that this year’s preview of films, developed in partnership with the well-established rough-cut workshop dok.incubator, raises great expectations. Collection of this years’ carefully selected documentaries brings a focus on the variety of approaches to nowadays family and personal values.

A vibrant portrait of a young generation where everything is possible and nothing is private anymore - Searching Eva (DE) takes us to online life, where the line between real and virtual is blurry, lived by Eva, the unlikely icon of the youngest internet anonymous crowd. The reality of today’s world in the Molenbeek district and its impact on the dreamy and magical world of two children, looking for life’s secrets and spells is the story Of Friends and Gods (FI, BE, DE).

In the breathtaking and very traditional Albanian mountains the ancient tradition of blood revenge is questioned as a young girl’s death has to be either revenged or forgiven by her family in The Business of Revenge (SI, RS, XK). Tradition and rituals are also a very important part of the exotic culture of Colombian Wayuu tribe where the border between life and death, dream and wakefulness, beginning and end can be unclear as shown in Lapü (CO).

The Disappearance of My Mother (IT, US) shows very different ankle of looking at contemporary family values - is a very intimate portrait of the closest and strongest bound – mother, an outstanding woman, feminist, activist, human rights defender, professor and fashion model seen through the eyes of her son, filming her for many years to prevent her from planned withdrawal and disappearance from the family world. On the contrary the lack of family ties and social relations has transformed a whole generation of elderly people in Rotterdam in a numerous group of single separated individuals with no contact with the outer world, The Good Neighbours (NL) try to make a change and fight loneliness by actually meeting their neighbours in person. Forgotten family secrets and lies are being uncovered by My Father, the Spy (LV, DE, CZ, EE) as we travel four decades back in time to reveal the second life of a Latvian double-agent at the United Nations. Back to the present – to The Men’s Room (NO) where the members of a men’s choir discover that their friendship is not only about beer and music when they have to face the limits and finality life brings.

The dok.incubator preview will be the final opportunity to see the just-about-to-release films before they take-off to international prestigious festivals.

For more information about the presented films, follow this link to:

Arūnas Matelis’ feature documentary Wonderful Losers: A Different World has been selected as Lithuania’s entry for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ award – the Oscar – in the best foreign-language film category. This is Matelis’ second film with a shot at an Oscar nomination. In 2008, the Lithuanian jury picked his documentary Before Flying Back to Earth to submit to the Academy.

This year, Matelis’ film was picked from among five shortlisted candidates: three documentaries and two fiction films. The other Lithuanian candidates for the best foreign-language film nomination were What We Leave Behind (dir. Jūratė Samulionytė, Vilma Samulionytė, 2017), Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas, 2018), Ancient Woods (dir. Mindaugas Survila, 2018), Miracle(dir. Eglė Vertelytė, 2017).

The winning documentary has been one of the most successful Lithuanian films in recent years. It has toured numerous international film festivals, garnering multiple prizes, as well as triumphing at Lithuania’s national Silver Crane awards as the year’s best documentary. The composer Alberto Lucendo has been awarded for composing the score for the film, which also took home the audience prize.

Wonderful Losers: A Different World tells a story of people at one of the world’s most prestigious cycling competitions, Giro d’Italia. An important, though generally overlooked, role at the Giro is played by the so-called “gregories”, cyclists who go through tremendous challenges in order to assure victory for their team’s leader. Matelis’ documentary glimpses into the behind-the-scenes world of the prestigious race that has been shielded from filmmakers’ cameras for four decades.

Matelis spent eight years making the film which is one of the biggest European coproductions, involving as many as eight countries: Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland (the UK), Latvia, Spain and Belgium. The film’s production was supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre.