The submissions for the 2021 Kids Kino Industry, international co-production forum and networking event, are now open! We’re looking for new diverse, forward-thinking film and series ideas for today’s platform agnostic and savy generation of viewers to be presented in front of Decision Makers and Investors.

The CEE Animation Forum is an international event aiming to support film professionals while helping them develop the pitch presentation of their animation projects in development, and to provide them with opportunities to grow their visibility and access to international markets. Due to the present Covid-19 situation, the upcoming edition of the CEE Animation Forum will take place online in two parts. The traditional pitching competition, newly expanded to 5 categories, will be held April 26 – 29, and the additional industry programme May 4 – 6.

The premieres of the most interesting Polish documentary, short and animated films, returns of the award-winning film-makers and the latest debuts, the award for the contribution to the development of international cinema for Piotr Dumała – in the programme of the Krakow Film Festival there is always a special place for the productions of Polish film-makers, who tell the stories about Poland and the world in an original and uncompromising way.

Online film and drama series submissions for the programmes of the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival, which will be held from 13th to 20th August 2021, are now open.

Film authors and producers can submit their films / drama series exclusively for the following programmes:

- Competition Programme - Feature Film
- Competition Programme - Documentary Film
- Competition Programme - Short Film
- Competition Programme - Student Film
- In Focus
- Avant Premiere - specialized for regional drama series
- Open Air
- Kinoscope
- Summer Screen
- European Shorts
- Children’s Programme
- TeenArena
- Dealing with the past
- BH Film Programme

Choosing the Baltic countries as the main shooting location is becoming more and more popular. When Christopher Nolan filmed ‘Tenet’ in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, it created a real buzz about the country worldwide. 
Still, not very many people in the film industry know much about Estonia and the Baltics. What are the landscape and locations like? Do people speak English?  What are the benefits of filming in Estonia? 

Allfilm, the production company that has serviced numerous international productions including ‘Tenet’ most recently, have now launched a new website that gives a clear overview of what Estonia has to offer.

With the great industry event e-Meeting Point Vilnius (April 14–16, 2021) just around the corner, we would like to invite all accredited professionals for a special Ben Harris masterclass called The DNA of Television Series, organized in cooperation with MIDPOINT Institute. Ben Harris is the Head of Programme at Serial Eyes and also MIDPOINT TV Launch tutor.

The lecture takes place online on Friday, April 16 at 14:30 CET.


16th – 24th April 2021

Rialto Theatre, Limassol & Zena Palace Cinema, Nicosia

The Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2021 co-organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth and the Rialto Theatre kickstarts its 19th hybrid edition this Friday 16th April, at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol with online and physical screenings and events. For the first time this year, and due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Festival launches an online Platform.

COVID-19: EU response

9/04: COVID-19: Council approves additional funding from the EU budget – Council of the EU

The Council today approved additional funding from the EU budget, amounting to €121.5 million, to address urgent needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

6/04: EU Cohesion policy: first REACT-EU support measures for recovery and transition approved for the Netherlands and Austria – European Commission

The Commission approved the first decisions under REACT-EU (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe) involving a modification of four operational programmes for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the Netherlands and Austria that will increase the funding available for investments by nearly €262 million from REACT-EU. The Netherlands and Austria thus become the first EU countries to make use of REACT-EU.

6/04: Estonian and Lithuanian micro-enterprises to receive European support with Finora Capital – European Commission

More support will become available for micro-enterprises in Estonia and Lithuania that are facing the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis. A new transaction between the European Investment Fund (EIF) and financial intermediary Finora Capital is expected to support at least 100 micro borrowers in these two countries.

30/03: Commission disburses further €13 billion under SURE to six Member States – European Commission

The European Commission has disbursed €13 billion to six EU Member States in the sixth instalment of financial support under the SURE instrument. This is the third disbursement in 2021. As part of today's operations, Czechia has received €1 billion, Belgium €2.2 billion, Spain €4.06 billion, Ireland €2.47 billion, Italy €1.87 billion and Poland €1.4 billion.

30/03: SURE: Commission proposes additional €3.7 billion to six Member States to protect jobs and incomes – European Commission

The proposals follow formal requests for additional financial assistance under SURE submitted by Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta on top of the support that the Council has already approved.

Streaming platforms

12/04: European Producers Club Issues Code of Fair Practices for VOD Services – Film New Europe

The Paris-based European Producers Club (EPC) has issued a Code of Fair Practices for VOD services, aiming at establishing basic parameters to be applied to VOD Services’ contracts when commissioning feature films, TV series and other audiovisual works from independent production companies.


31/03: Antitrust: Commission withdraws 2019 decision making commitments binding on Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sky UK and closes proceedings – European Commission

European Commission

9/04: Commission opens first European Innovation Council calls worth €1 billion – European Commission

The funding worth over €1 billion aims to help scale up start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses that have the potential to achieve high impact. While over half of the funding is open to breakthrough innovations in any field, €495 million are earmarked for innovations that support the European Green Deal as well as digital and health technologies.


12 -15 April: EP Committees meetings (LIBE, JURI, IMCO)
16 April: Informal video conference of Economic and Finance Ministers (ECOFIN)
16 April: Eurogroup meeting
19 April: CULT meeting
22 April: EAO Webinar: Gatekeepers in the DSA Package: What about VoD?
26 – 29 April: European Parliament Plenary
26 May: EU Copyright Law: State of Play and Future Directions – Conference
May 2021: Porto Social Summit