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Regiofund 2017

FNE CEI AV Innovation Forum 2017 2017-10-17
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FNE CEI AV Innovation Days at the International Co-Production forum Regiofund

KATOWICE: Demand for high quality regional VR content, the potential of social media driven audience building, and  the need to focus on metrics to attract private investment were highlighted at the Film New Europe CEI AV Innovation Days at International Co-production Forum Regiofund 5-7 October 2017.

Audience and distributor demand for high-production value virtual reality (VR) content in central European languages,  the increasing prevalence of Facebook and Youtube in determining a film’s outreach and success, new opportunities of co-production with Ukraine, and the pressing need for the film industry to focus on key metrics in attracting private investors, emerged as key topics at the Film New Europe CEI AV Innovation Days, held October 5-6 during the first International Co-production Forum Regiofund 5-7 October 2017.

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10 European film projects qualified for the International Co-Production Forum Regiofund

The International Co-Production Forum Regiofund will be held in Katowice from 4th through 7th October. The event is visited by film producers, representatives of European film funds, financial institutions, regional film funds, and local authorities, as well as private investors, television broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, and film distributors.

From among the projects submitted to Regiofund Forum from all over the world, the organizers have chosen 10 carefully selected film and TV series projects with international co-production potential. The qualified projects come from Poland, Albania, Romania, Italy, Austria, and Great Britain.

The pitching session is scheduled for the 6th of October and will be conducted before an international group of Regiofund’s guests who represent various areas of film industry, from financial institutions and regional film funds to film distributors and sales agents. 

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International Co-Production Forum Regiofund

The idea of creating the International Co-Production Forum Regiofund comes from the belief that a film along with every stage of its production may constitute a perfect tool both in the fields of advertisement and investment.

The Regiofund Forum was inspired by the need for developing and improving professional events organized during eight editions of the International Festival of Film Producers Regiofun. By resigning from the festival part we would like to focus our attention on providing an opportunity for developing film projects with a co-production potential and creating a cooperation platform for film and business industries.

The event associates film producers, representatives of European film funds, financing institutions, private investors as well as television broadcasters, sales agents and distributors.

A programme frame of the Regiofund Forum includes professional events connected with the film co-production. The programme consists of:

  • Presentations of the European film projects, which are on the advanced development stage, organized in the form of a pitching or one-to-one meeting
  • The seventh edition of the “Young Producer” workshops directed to students, film school graduates and all the people who would like to be engaged in a film production
  • Workshops, meetings and discussions
  • REGIO CANNES review, during which it will be possible to watch the films presented within the famous festival in the French Riviera
  • FAM TOUR, organized for producers and managers of film locations, which aims at promoting selected film locations of the Silesian voivodeship and getting the guests interested in them in terms of the realisation of film shots in those places



Selection of films from the 70th Cannes Film Festival made by the festival’s frequent participant – Adam Pazera, the manager of “Światowid” film theatre.
 „Światowid” Film Theatre,  04.10 – 08.10.2017 
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