FNE Podcasts

FNE is launching an exciting new series of podcasts with industry leaders and discussions of new trends in the AV industry. 

Among the topics will be:
▸What the film industry will look like in a post-COVID-19 environment
▸The growing importance of online networks for film professionals
▸Innovation in Business and Content Models
▸Case Studies of Innovation Driven projects in Film and Audiovisual
▸Founder stories with Innovation Managers, Producers and Audiovisual Entrepreneurs

In this space in the coming months you will be able to hear not only podcasts produced by FNE but also guests from our partner organisations EUROVOD,  Media Salles, Storytek, SOFA and the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF). 

FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Pure Art

With Maxim Shved about his latest film Pure Art, but also about new project, the upcoming film, which follows the dramatic events surrounding the last presidential election in Belarus. At the end of the filming, during the post-election protests, director Maxim Shved himself was arrested and imprisoned. In this part of the True Story Podcast, we also talked about his experience.



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: A Loss of Something Ever Felt

With Liis Nimik and Carlos E. Lesmes, co-authors of the new documentary A Loss of Something Ever Felt, a gripping story about a young Estonian drug addict who goes missing, and his sister who searches for him in the dangerous corners of Bogota, where no one seems to go.