PRODUCTION: Andrey Chertov in Postproduction with Silent Movie

Milcho Leviev on the piano Milcho Leviev on the piano

SOFIA: Andrey Chertov is completing postproduction on Silent Movie, a feature film based on many documentary elements. The story follows the life of the famous Bulgarian composer, jazz performer and pianist Milcho Leviev, who immigrated to the United States in 1971.

The unconventional story reveals Leviev’s deeply personal memories related to bohemian artists both from his hometown Plovdiv and his adoptive city of New York. Cult painters Georgi Bojilov-Slona, Zlatyu Boyadjiev and Ioan Leviev, who lived in Plovdiv during the last century, appear in the film as fictional characters. Billy Cobham’s and Art Pepper’s testimonies are included in the New York chapter.

Chertov co-wrote the script together with Alexander Tomov, and he co-shot the film together with the New York based Bulgarian DoP Hristo Bakalov-Baki. Victor Vichev plays Leviev as a child, while Velimir Velev plays the grown up musician. In the third part of the film, Milcho Leviev plays himself.

Ars Digital is producing with a grant of nearly 200,000 EUR from the Bulgarian National Film Center.

Silent Movie is a low budget film, but this did not stop us from renting a train, a plane or a helicopter, when it was needed”, producer Ivan Tonev told FNE. “In 2017 Leviev will celebrate his 80th anniversary and we want to organise the premiere of the film in the Antique Theater of Plovdiv. Leviev will play his own music with a big symphonic orchestra”, Toned also said.

Andrey Chertov is an established DoP of Russian origin, who moved from Moscow to Sofia in 1975. He previously directed the creative documentary Rainy Day, produced in 2013 through his company A.M. Studio.

Production Information:
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19, PopovashapkaStr.
1505 Sofia
Phone : +3592 846 8361
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Director: AndreyChertov
Scriptwriters: AndreyChertov, AlexanderTomov
DoP: AndreyChertov, HristoBakalov–Baki
Production Designer: AtanasYanakiev
Costumes Designer: RalitsaToneva, AntoanetaKostova
Composer: Milcho Leviev
Sound: Blagomir Alexiev
Cast: Milcho Leviev, Velimir Velev, Victor Vichev