PRODUCTION: The Eighth Commissioner in Production

The Eighth Commissioner by Ivan Salaj The Eighth Commissioner by Ivan Salaj photo: www.slobodnadalmacija.hr

ZAGREB: Ivan Salaj's debut feature The Eighth Commissioner / Osmi povjerenik, an adaptation of the award-winning novel by Renato Baretić, is about to wrap shooting in Croatia.

The film, a combination of genres (political satire, comedy, drama, love story), had a long genesis and was developed initially by another production company. Jozo Patljak and Alka Film got involved eventually and are now producing. The Croatian Audovisual Centre and Creative Europe gave the project a production grant of 434,500 EUR / 3.25 m HRK, and the MEDIA Programme gave it a development grant of 30,000 EUR.

The cast includes well-known actors such as Frano Mašković, Ivo Gregurević, Borko Peric, Filip Šovagović and Spiro Guberina, as well as newcomers and non-professional actors.

The 42 days of shooting started in early March 2016. Shooting took place on location on various islands of the Adriatic. The premiere is set for 2017.

Production Information:
Alka Film
Dedici 21
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone/Fax: +385 (0)1 4674 187
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Director: Ivan Salaj
Scriptwriter: Ivan Salaj
DoP: Slobodan Trninić
Cast: Frano Mašković, Ivo Gregurević, Borko Peric, Filip Šovagović, Spiro Guberina, Nadia Cvitanović, Mate Gulin, Stojan Matavulj, Iva Mihalic, Mijo Jurisic