Croatia to Adopt New Rules in Film and Audiovisual Activities

    Daniel Rafaelic Daniel Rafaelic credit: Marko Lukinic, Pixsell

    ZAGREB: The Croatian Government put forward to the Parliament a bill on audiovisual activities, introducing a new structure for the Council and the Managing Board of  the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) and regulating the definitions of audiovisual works so as to include video games.

    The four-year programme drafted by the HAVC Council follows a proposal made by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and will strengthen the role of the Ministry of Culture in supervising the public money spending.

    „The new law improves the current functioning of the Croatian Audiovisual Center. Especially in regard to a clearer definition of the Audiovisual Council and Managing Board activities, as well as stricter regulations regarding potential conflicts of interests“, Daniel Rafaelić, the Head of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, told FNE.

    The draft introduces a new structure of the HAVC’s Managing Board with economic-financial, legal and audiovisual activities experts instead of artists or cultural activities professionals, and also a new structure of the HAVC’s Council, with a new member of the Ministry of Culture and deputy members for each representative.

    The draft also regulates the issue of a conflict of interest of the HAVC Council and Managing Board on the one hand and the artistic advisors, on the other.

    It also regulates the definitions of audiovisual activities and audiovisual works so as to include video games, thus creating a legal framework for further development of one of the most propulsive segments of the audiovisual industry.

    The Law on Audiovisual Activities which established the Croatian Audiovisual Centre was adopted in 2007. The bill on audiovisual activities was put forward to the Parliament on 22 March 2018.