FESTIVALS: Paphos IFF Screens Short Films


NICOSIA: The third Paphos International Film Festival (PIFF), running 22-24 June 2018, will screen 19 international short films and 11 student films.

The annual three-day festival will screen international, local and student short films of up to 20 minutes. The selections includes two films from Cyprus and one film each from Macedonia, Croatia and Poland. The short films will compete for the audience choice award in each category. The festival also presents lectures and master classes.

PIFF is organised by photographer Nicolas Iordanou and director and producer Sylvia Nicolaides.

The list of films competing in each category follows:

International Short Films

A Thousand Kisses (USA)
Directed by Richard Goldgewicht

Retouch (Iran)
Directed by Kaveh Mazaheri

M1-KØ (United Arab Emirates)
Directed by Fahad Shaikh

48 – (Macedonia)
Directed by Vladimir Mitrevski

Ween (Netherlands)
Directed by Nils Vleugels

Seher (India)
Directed by Manas Shashidharan Jacob

The Ticket (Greece)
Directed by Haris Stathopoulos

State of Emergency Motherfucker (Belgium)
Directed by Sebastien Petretti

You’re Welcome (Switzerland, Germany)
Directed by Rebecca Panian

Relics (Greece, Cyprus)
Directed by Christos Panagos and Kostas Makrinos

Distintos (Spain)
Directed by Josevi Garcia Herrero

Essentials (Denmark, Palestine)
Directed by Jakob Mork

The Last Well (Croatia)
Directed by Filip Filkovic

Hum (Ireland)
Directed by Nathan Fagan

Family For Sale (Belgium)
Directed by Sebastien Petretti

Je Ne Veuz Pas Mourir (Italy)
Directed by Massimo Loi and Gianluca Mangiasciutti

Bacha Posh (Switzerland)
Directed by Katia Scarton-Kim

Nicole’s Cage (Germany)
Directed by Josef Brandl

Calamity (Belgium)
Directed by Maxime Feyers and Séverine De Streyker

Student Films

The Daughters (Cyprus)
Directed by Marinos Panagiotou

Hunters and Gatherers (Germany)
Directed by Andreas Ramm

Walls (Palestine)
Directed by Maik Schuster, Fatmir Dolci and Max Paschke

Intact (Switzerland)
Directed by Johannes Bachmann

Silver Holiday (India, China)
Directed by Deepti Rao

Pola (Poland)
Directed by Edyta Rembała

The After Life (Greece)
Directed by Christos Sagias

Iron Hands (China)
Directed by Johnson Cheng

Joy (Germany)
Directed by Abini Gold

Hunger Keeps Walking (Italy)
Directed by Giulia Canella

Knockdown (Ukraine)
Directed by Anton Skrypets