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FNE at Czech Lions 2016: The Snake Brothers Tops Czech Awards Featured

The Snake Brothers by Jan Prušinovský The Snake Brothers by Jan Prušinovský

PRAGUE: Jan Prušinovský’s The Snake Brothers/Kobry a Užovky took the top prize for Best Film as well as five other awards at the 23rd edition of Czech Film and Television Academy’s Czech Lions Awards held on Saturday 5 March at the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague.

The Snake Brothers was followed by The Seven Ravens directed by Alice Nellis with three Czech Lions. Lost in Munich directed by Petr Zelenka nominated in 15 categories, ended with two Czech Lions, together with Štěpán Altrichter’s Czech/German coproduction Schmitke. The fairy tale The Seven Ravens was a Slovak box office hit earlier this year. Czech Lions were newly awarded also for TV programmes. Czech Television received 2 Czech Lions, HBO Europe one. The non-statutory Magnezia Award for the best student film went to Ondrej Hudeček for his short film Peacock /Furiant.

For photos of the Czech Lions awards ceremony click HERE.

List of winners:

Extraordinary contribution to Czech cinema

Stanislav Milota (cinematographer)

Best film

Home Care by Slávek HorákThe Snake Brothers/Kobry a užovky (Czech Republic) – producers Ondřej Zima, Jan Prušinovský
Directed by Jan Prušinovský
Produced by Offside Men
Coproduced by Czech TelevisionRWE Česká Republika
Supported by the State Cinematography Fund – Czech Republic

Best documentary

Lean a Ladder Against Heaven/Opři žebřík o nebe
Directed by Jana Ševčíková
Produced by Jana Ševčíková

Best director

Jan Prušinovský for Snake Brothers/Kobry a Užovky

Best actress in leading role

Alena Mihulová - Home Care / Domácí Péče (Czech Republic)
Directed by Slávek Horák
Produced by Tvorba Films
Coproduced by Fog’n’Desire FilmsCzech TelevisionSokol Kollar

Best actor in lead role

Matěj Hádek - The Snake Brothers/Kobry a Užovky

Best actress in supporting role

Lucie Žáčková - The Snake Brothers/Kobry a Užovky

Best actor in supporting role

Kryštof Hádek – The Snake Brothers/Kobry a UžovkyLost in Munich by Petr Zelenka

Best screenplay

Petr Zelenka for Lost in Munich / Ztraceni v Mnichově 
Directed by Petr Zelenka
Produced by Lucky Man Films
Coproduced by Czech TelevisionBarrandov Studios
Supported by the State Cinematography Fund – Czech Republic

Best photography

Petr Koblovský – The Snake Brothers/Kobry a Užovky

Best editing

Vladimír Barák - Lost in Munich/Ztraceni v Mnichově

Best sound

Cristoph Chevallerie - Schmitke (Czech Republic, Germany)
Directed by Štěpán Altrichter
Produced by credo:film
Coproduced by PRODUKCE RADIM PROCHÁZKA ,University Babelsberg Konrad WolfMamoko Filmproduktion

Best music

Schmitke – Johannes RepkaSchmitke by Štěpán Altrichter

Best set design

Ondřej Mašek, Peter Čanecký - Seven Ravens / Sedmero Krkavců (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Directed by Alice Nellis
Produced by Et Cetera Group (SK) and Honys Motion
Coproduced by ATTACK Film

Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

Best costumes

Kateřina Štefková - Seven Ravens/Sedmero krkavců

Best make-up

Juraj Steiner - Seven Ravens/Sedmero krkavců

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