Film Europe Launches in Belgium and Netherlands

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PRAGUE: The Prague and Bratislava based powerhouse Film Europe Media Company will launch its Film Europe Channel in Belgium and the Netherlands on 20 June 2017, making it the first film TV channel established in CEE to launch its own distribution network in Western Europe.

The channel’s programming is composed of European films. Film Europe is partnering with the M7 Group and its Canal Digitaal distribution platforms.

In a written statement, President and CEO of Film Europe Media Company Ivan Hronec said: “Our co-operation with M7 Group bears witness to a good partnership connection and the international resonance of the Film Europe brand. We have succeeded in identifying high-quality European films before they have been awarded the Palme d’Or in Cannes. We have succeeded in presenting high-quality films within our own festivals, in cinemas, on DVD and VOD platforms, and quality TV. We have succeeded in transforming Europe’s cinema heritage to an artistically valuable and commercially independent concept. And we have succeeded in doing so even without receiving a contribution from public resources. Film Europe is also an unparalleled start-up within the context of European film owing to its independent economic model.”

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