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FESTIVALS: Camerimage Announces Main Competition Line-up Featured

Warsaw 44 by Jan komasa Warsaw 44 by Jan komasa

BYDGOSZCZ: Fifteen international productions will screen in the Main Competition of the 23rd International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, Camerimage.

Camerimage IFF will take place 14 - 21 November 2015 in Bydgoszcz. The Main Competition was established at the beginning of the Festival in 1993 with the aim to "present films with unique visual appeal which will then be evaluated by International Jury who will choose and award the authors of the best cinematography." 

Three productions from CEE territories were selected for the main competition.

The Jury for the 2015 edition has not yet been announced.

13 Minutes (Germany)
Director Oliver Hirschbiegel
Cinematographer Judith Kaufmann
Produced by Lucky Bird Pictures GmbH

The 33 (Chile, USA)
Director Patricia Riggen
Cinematographer Checco Varese
Produced by Phoenix Pictures, Half Circle, Warner Bros. Entertainment Poland

Brooklyn (Canada, UK, Ireland)
Director John Crowley
Cinematographer Yves Belanger
Produced by Parallel Film Productions Ltd, Wildgaze Films, Item 7

Carol (UK, USA)
Director Todd Haynes
Cinematographer  Ed Lachman
Produced by  Killer Films, Number 9 Films, Channel Four Films (Film Four - Film4)

I Saw the Light (USA)
Director Marc Abraham
Cinematographer Dante Spinotti
Produced by Bron Studios

Mad Max: Fury Road (Australia)
Director George Miller
Cinematographer John Seale
Produced by Kennedy Miller Mitchell

The Midwife (Finland)
Director Antti J. Jokinen
Cinematographer Rauno Ronkainen
Produced by Solar Films Inc

Rams (Denmark, Iceland)
Director Grímur Hákonarson
Cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Produced by Netop Films EHF

The Red Spider (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)
Director Marcin Koszałka
Cinematographer Marcin Koszałka
Produced by MD4 Sp. z o. o.
Co-produced by Krakow Festival Office, Fog'n'Desire, Kraków Film Commission, Orange. Sokol Kollar, Zentropa International Poland, Supported by Polish Film Institute, Czech Film Fund, Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Room (Ireland)
Director Lenny Abrahamson
Cinematographer Danny Cohen
Produced by Element Pictures, No Trace Camping

Sicario (USA)
Director Denis Villeneuve
Cinematographer Roger A. Deakins
Produced by Thunder Road Pictures, Black Label Media

Son of Saul (Hungary)
Director Laszlo Nemes
Cinematographer Mátyás Erdély
Produced by Laokoon Filmgroup

Suffragette (UK)
Director Sarah Gavron
Cinematograher Eduard Grau
Produced by Ruby Films, Pathé International, Channel Four Films (Film Four - Film4)

Warsaw 44 (Poland)
Director Jan Komasa
Cinematographer Marian Prokop
Produced by Akson Studio Film
Co-produced by Telewizja Polska, Orange Polska, Narodowe Centrum Kultury, Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury, Mazowiecki Fundusz Filmowy, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego
Co-financing  Polish Film Institute, City of Łódź, the German-Polish Cooperation Foundation

Wolf Totem (China, France)
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud
Cinematographer Jean-Marie Dreujou
Produced by Beijing Forbidden City Film, Beijing Phoenix Entertainment Co., China Film Co., China Movie Channel, Chinavision Media Group, Edko Films, Hérodiade, Loull Productions, Mars Films, Reperage


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