PRODUCTION: Władysław Pasikowski in Development with Jan Nowak-Jeziorański Biopic


WARSAW: Polish director Władysław Pasikowski is working on a new historical thriller about Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, one of the most notable resistance fighters of the Home Army during WWII. The shooting of Courier (working title) will launch in 2017.

Jan Nowak-Jeziorański was a Polish journalist and writer who served in the Home Army during the WWII. He is most praised for his work as a Courier between the Home Army and the Polish Government in Exile in London. The Aliance forces gave him the nickname Courier from Warsaw.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is producing, but not much information is known yet. "It is too early to speak about the cast or any production details", Jan Ołdakowski, the Director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, told FNE. "A figure so exceptional as the Courier from Warsaw deserves a big film which would be distributed both locally and internationally", he also said, but he didn't disclose any information regarding the budget.

The date of the premiere is not yet known. The previous film of Władysław Pasikowski was the WWII spy thriller Jack Strong (Scorpio Studio), which was a box office hit in 2014.

Production Information:

Warsaw Uprising Museum
79 Grzybowska street, 00-844 Warsaw
Phone.: 22 539 79 05
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