New Russian studio Glavkino ready to invest in international coproductions


{mosimage}MOSCOW: Glavkino Studios (www.glavkino.ru), Russia’s newest state-of-the art digital film and studio complex is open for business and ready to invest in international coproductions as well as offering deals on services that are competitive to central European studios.

Glavkino is the first major new film production facility in Russia that is all digital. The 100m USD studio opened in February of this year with facilities that offer the very latest in digital technology from shooting and lighting, to all phases of post-production. Digital equipment from suppliers such as Grass Valley and Sony as well as world-class CGI from an experienced team make the studio one of the most technically advanced in Europe. The studios are fully equipped for 3D production from shooting to the final cut.

{mosimage}According to Glavkino CEO Ilya Bachurin if you are thinking of shooting your Russian story in Prague or Budapest because you think shooting in Russia is prohibitively expensive - it’s time to think again.

“We are offering deals that are 10% less than some of our central European competitors and we are also ready to invest in coproduction if the right project comes along,” Bachurin said. Bachurin will be meeting with international producers visiting Moscow during the Moscow Film Festival and also showing off the facilities to visitors.

But producers who want a good deal should hurry because Bachurin says now while the newly opened studios are not yet fully booked he is ready to deal to put the studios on the map. “Right now we have space because we have just opened. Russian productions will form the main core of our business and as new Russian productions move in the schedule with start to get tight as the Russian market is not fully saturated for first class production facilities and there is demand,” said Bachurin.

Glavkino has space for the production of about 100 TV programmes for Russian channels and about 20 feature films a year. Glavkino also has its own production company and it has three feature film projects that are already in the pipeline including a low-budget “road movie” by prominent Russian producer Yelena Yatsoura that will be an Estonian Russian coproduction. Accessing international funding such as Eurimages for international productions is part of the Glavkino production strategy.

Glavkino’s first production as a production company was Russian director Dzhanik Fayziev’s August 8 which made 12m USD at the Russian box office and was picked up for world rights by Fox. It’s a story about the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia that erupted in August 2008

The film August 8 is an action film that is heavily laden with special effects and the team included editor Dennis Virkler (Batman Forever, The Wolfman), sound director Bob Bimmer (Speed, Gladiator) and animator Alexander Dorogov. The production budget was 16m USD. As a showcase of Glavkino expertise it makes impressive viewing.

The studios boast 12 new sound stages and comfortable new office space for production companies. Glavkino is conveniently located on the outskirts of Moscow away from Moscow’s notorious traffic.

The facilities include the latest in audio postproduction video production facilities and full 3D Tract, automated lighting and engineering systems. In February of 2012 the first phase of the project was opened with a territory of 22 000 m ². After a second 150m USD phase of development that is in the pipeline the total area of the studios will be 33 000 m ² making it the largest in Russia.

Russian film director Fyodor Bondarchuk and CEO Ilya Bachurin, established the Glavkino group of companies and in 2010, the founders were subsequently joined by CEO of Channel One, Konstantin Ernst.

Glavkino is a private project. 50% of the shares are owned by Fedor Bondarchuk, Konstantin Ernst, Ilya Bachurin and the bank Uralsib, and 50% by the investor Vitaly Golovachova.

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