FNE at connecting cottbus 2016: The Return


    COTTBUS: Polish powerhouse production company Opus Film is part of the team behind The Return, a 90-minute drama to be directed by short film and documentary film director Krzysztof Rzaczynski. The film was presented in Cottbus by Maciej Rzaczynski, cofounder of production company East Studio, along with the director.

    The 1 m EUR film has 100,000 EUR in place, with a development grant from the Polish Film Institute and a minimum guarantee from Polish film distributor Kino Swiat. The East Film team was in Cottbus looking for coproducers, distributors and sales agents.

    The film tackles the subject of sexual abuse and the denial by society that its victims face. The main character is a middle aged woman reminded of her past when she learns that her niece is attending the same school that her abuser now runs. She returns home to confront her abuser and her family, enacting a revengeful justice on her abuser. Krzysztof Rzaczynski cowrote the script with Monika Grochowska.

    Shooting will take place in Berlin and Toruń. Polish star Boguslaw Linda has been cast in the role of the abusive professor.

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