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Eurimages Supports Sixteen Films Featured


STRASBOURG: Eurimages decided to fund 12 fiction films, two documentaries and two animation films with 5,201,000 EUR at its October 2018 meeting in Sofia. Films from CEE territories had a lighter presence, but two of the projects are coproductions involving Serbia and Bulgaria.

Only 31% of the eligible projects had a female director, but 44% of the supported projects are directed by women, with 49% of the funding going to those projects.

The supported projects are

Flickering Ghosts of Loves Gone By (Slovakia, France)
Directed by André Bonzel (France)
150,000 EUR

The Wife of the Pilot (Germany, France)
Directed by Anne Zohra Berrached (Germany)
460,000 EUR

Strahinja (Serbia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, France)
Directed by Stefan Arsenijevic (Serbia)
190,000 EUR
Produced by Art & Popcorn (Serbia), Chouchkov Brothers (Bulgaria)

The Story of My Wife (Hungary, Germany, Italy)
Directed by Ildiko Enyedi  
500,000 EUR
The Truth (France, Belgium)
Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda (Japan - France)
116,000 EUR
Patrol Cars (Bulgaria, Serbia)
Directed by Stephan Komandarev (Bulgaria)
60,000 EUR
Produced by Argo Film (Bulgaria), SEE Film Pro (Serbia)           

10 000 Nights in the Jungle (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy)
Directed by Arthur Harari (France)
470,000 EUR

The Miracle of Almerìa (Belgium, The Netherlands)
Directed by Moon Blaisse (Belgium)
60,000 EUR

Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary (France, Denmark)
Directed by Rémi Chayé (France)
430,000 EUR
Animation film                                                                        

For our Fallen Brothers (France, Belgium)
Directed by Hélier Cisterne (France)
450,000 EUR

Furies (Canada, Belgium)
Directed by Andrew Cividino (Canada)
360,000 EUR

The Consequences (Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium)
Directed by Claudia Pinto Emperador (Venezuela - Spain)
330,000 EUR

Hope (Norway, Sweden)
Directed by Maria Sodahl (Norway)
500,000 EUR

Where is Anne Frank (Luxembourg, Belgium, Israel, The Netherlands, France)
Directed by Ari Folman (Poland - Israel) –
450,000 EUR
Animation film

Simple Passion (France, Belgium)
Directed by Danielle Arbid (France)
200,000 EUR

Charter (working title) (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)
Directed by Amanda Kernell (Sweden)
475,000 EUR

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