Ten CEE Films Receive Eurimages Support


STRASBOURG: The Eurimages board granted 6,138,000 EUR to 28 film projects, including 10 CEE coproductions, in an online meeting of its 158th session. North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia and Croatia each had at least one project receiving support.

The complete list of supported film productions follows:

Sabattier Effect (North Macedonia, Serbia)
Directed by Eleonora Veninova (North Macedonia) - €88 000
Produced by DNF Films
Supported by Macedonia Film Agency and Film Center Serbia

Every Single Minute (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic)
Directed by Erika Hnikova (Czech Republic) - €61 000  Documentary
Produced by Endorfilm (Czech Republic)
Coproduced by Punkchart Films (Slovakia)
Supported by the Czech Film Fund and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

As I Close My Eyes (Switzerland, Bulgaria, France)
Directed by Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria) - €160 000
Produced by Klas Film (Bulgaria)
Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Centre

The Conference (Russian Federation, Estonia)
Directed by Ivan Tverdovsky (Russian Federation) - €80 000
Produced by Nafta Films
Supported by the Estonian Film Institute

How I Learned to Fly (Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia)
Directed by Radivoje Raša Andric (Serbia) - €150 000
Produced by Sense Production (Serbia)
Co-produced by Kinorama (Croatia), Art Fest (Bulgaria)
Supported by Film Centre Serbia, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Bulgarian National Film Centre

Three (Spain, France, Lithuania)
Directed by Juanjo Giménez (Spain) - €300 000
Produced by Čiobreliai/M-Films
Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

Dry Land (Poland, Italy, Czech Republic)
Directed by Agnieszka Woszczynska (Poland) - €180 000
Produced by Lava Film (Poland)
Supported by the Polish Film Institute

Stray Bodies (Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria)
Directed by Elina Psykou (Greece) - €139 000 Documentary
Produced by Red Carpet   
Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Centre

Saving One Who Was Dead (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic)
Directed by Vaclav Kadrnka (Czech Republic) - €130 000
Produced by Silverart (Slovakia)
Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Pink Moon (ex Methusalem) (The Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia)
Directed by Floor van der Meulen (The Netherlands) - €250 000
Produced by Staragara (Slovenia)
Supported by the Slovenian Film Center

Lucy Goes Gangsta (Germany, The Netherlands)
Directed by Till Endemann (Germany) - €150 000

Sleep (The Netherlands, Belgium)
Directed by Jan-Willem Van Ewijk (The Netherlands) - €230 000

Kerr (Turkey, Greece, France)
Directed by Tayfun Pirselimoglu (Turkey) - €70 000

Storm (Norway, Sweden)
Directed by Erika Calmeyer (Norway) - €200 000

Boy from Heaven (Sweden, France, Finland)
Directed by Tarik Saleh (Sweden) - €470 000

A Greyhound of a Girl (Luxembourg, Italy)
Directed by Enzo D'Alo (Italy) - €430 000 Animation film

The Flats (France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland)
Directed by Alessandra Celesia (Italy, France) - €110 000 Documentary

In Absentia (Ireland, United Kingdom, France)
Directed by Colm Quinn (Ireland), Jim Sheridan (Ireland) - €280 000 Documentary

Shanghai Youth (France, Luxembourg, China, The Netherlands)
Directed by Wang Bing (China - France) - €130 000 Documentary

Bamako Twist (France, Canada)
Directed by Robert Guédiguian (France) - €470 000

Dreamers (Switzerland, Germany) Documentary
Directed by Stéphanie Barbey (Switzerland), Luc Peter (Switzerland) - €100 000

Power of Love (Germany, Finland)
Directed by Jonas Rothlaender (Germany) - €120 000

Joan Verra (France, Germany, Ireland)
Directed by Laurent Larivière (France) - €400 000

Happy Holidays (Germany, Palestine, France, Turkey)
Directed by Scandar Copti (Palestine - Israel) - €190 000

La Abuela (Spain, France)
Directed by Paco Plaza (Spain) - €250 000

Alcarràs (Spain, Italy)
Directed by Carla Simon (Spain) - €380 000

My Fairy Troublemaker (Luxembourg, Germany)
Directed by Caroline Origer (Luxembourg) - €500 000  Animation film

See You Friday Robinson (France, Switzerland)
Directed by Mitra Farahani (Iran - France) - €120 000  Documentary