Romanian Filmmakers Union Announces Nominations for Its 2016 Awards

    Sieranevada by Cristi Puiu Sieranevada by Cristi Puiu

    BUCHAREST: Sieranevada, Ilegitimate and Two Lottery Tickets have been nominated for the Grand Prix and the UCIN Trophy at the 45th edition of the Filmmakers Union (UCIN) awards, which will be announced on 24 April 2017.

    Sieranevada by Cristi Puiu has 12 nods, followed by Dogs by Bogdan Mirică with 10 nods. Surprisingly Cristian Mungiu’s Graduation / Bacalaureat (Mobra Films in coproduction with France’s Why Not Productions, Belgium’s Les Films du Fleuve and France 3 Cinéma) received no nomination.

    Nominations were decided in 20 categories by a jury composed of five film critics. A second jury composed of cultural personalities will choose the winners.

    Academic prizes will be awarded to film critic and historian Eva Sîrbu and to actor Ilarion Ciobanu (in memoriam), while a Special Prize will go to the make-up artist Mircea Vodă.

    The gala will take place at the National Theatre in Bucharest. The event is organised by UCIN, produced by Revolver and supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity in partnership with the Romanian Film Centre.


    Grand Prix and UCIN Trophy:

    Sieranevada (Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, France)
    Directed by Cristi Puiu
    Produced by Mandragora
    Coproduced by Studioul de Creaţie Cinematografică Romania, 2006 d.o.o., Spiritus Movens, Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production, Alcatraz Films
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Fondacija za Kinematografiju Sarajevo, the Macedonian Film Agency, Eurimages, Region Ile de France

    Ilegitimate / Ilegitim (Romania, Poland, France)
    Directed by Adrian Sitaru
    Produced by Domestic Film
    Coproduced by Film Produkcja and Damned Films

    Two Lottery Tickets / Două lozuri (Romania, Spain)
    Directed by Paul Negoescu
    Produced by Actoriedefilm.ro
    Coproduced by Papillon Film
    Suported by Erka Synergy Communication, Cinelabs Romania, HBO Romania and UNATC

    Special Jury Prize:

    Dogs / Câini (France, Romania, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Bogdan Mirică
    Produced by EZ Films 14
    Coproduced by 42Km Film, Argo Film
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Bulgarian National Film Center

    Scarred Hearts / Inimi cicatrizate (Romania, Germany)
    Directed by Radu Jude
    Produced by Hi Film
    Coproduced by Komplizen Film
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre and the Media Programme

    Horizon / Orizont (Romania)
    Directed by Marian Crișan
    Produced by Mandragora Movies

    Best Director:

    Cristi Puiu for Sieranevada
    Adrian Sitaru for Ilegitimate
    Marian Crișan for Horizon

    Best Scriptwriter:

    Cristi Puiu for Sieranevada
    Bogdan Mirică for Dogs
    Paul Negoescu for Two Lottery Tickets

    Best Cinematography:

    Barbu Bălășoiu for Sieranevada
    Marius Panduru for Scarred Hearts
    Andrei Butică for Dogs

    Best Leading Actress:

    Medeea Marinescu for 03.BYPASS (Romania)
    Directed by Nap Toader
    Produced by Clandestino Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Rodica Lazăr for Horizon
    Dana Dogaru for Sieranevada

    Best Leading Actor:

    Gheorghe Visu for Dogs
    Mimi Brănescu for Sieranevada
    Andras Hatházi for Horizon

    Best Supporting Actress:

    Ana Ciontea for Sieranevada
    Cătălina Moga for Sieranevada

    Viorica Geantă Chelbea for The Miracle of Tekir / Miracolul din Tekir (Switzerland, Romania)
    Directed by Ruxandra Zenide
    Produced by Elefant Films
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Eurimages

    Best Supporting Actor:

    Sorin Medeleni for Sieranevada
    Vlad Ivanov for Dogs
    Bogdan Zsolt for Horizon

    Best Editing:

    Letiția Ștefănescu, Ciprian Cimpoi, Iulia Mureșan for Sieranevada
    Roxana Szel for Dogs
    Mircea Olteanu,Theo Lichtenberger for Ilegitimate

    Best Costume Design:

    Dana Păpăruz for Scarred Hearts
    Mălina Ionescu for Two Lottery Tickets

    Maria Pitea for Eastern Business / Afacerea Est (Romania, Lithuania)
    Directed by Igor Cobileanski
    Produced by Alien Film
    Coproduced by Just a Moment
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Lithuanian Film Centre

    Best Make-up:

    Bianca Boeroiu for Scarred Hearts
    Gabriela Crețan for Dogs
    Ana Radu, Gina Dan for Two Lottery Tickets

    Best Art Direction:

    Cristian Niculescu for Scarred Hearts
    Augustina Stanciu for Dogs
    Cristina Barbu for Sieranevada

    Best Soundtrack:

    Jean Paul Bernard, Filip Mureșan, Cristophe Vingtrinier for Sieranevada
    Sam Cohen, Sebastiam Zsemlye for Dogs
    Ioan Filip, Dan Ștefan Rucăreanu for Ilegitimate

    Best Original Music:

    Cristian Lolea for Horizon
    Mircea Florian for 03.BYPASS
    Flora Pop, Alin Zăbrăuțeanu for Two Lottery Tickets

    Best Short Fiction Film:

    4:15 The End of the World / 4:15 PM Sfârşitul lumii
    Directed by Cătălin Rotaru, Gabi Virginia Șarga

    The Projectionist / Proiecţionistul
    Directed by Norbert Fodor

    My Name Is Costin / Mă cheamă Costin
    Directed by Radu Potcoavă

    Best Short and Long Documentary:

    Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons / Varză, cartofi şi alţi demoni
    Directed by Șerban Georgescu

    A Mere Breath / Doar o răsuflare
    Directed by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan

    Dan Perjovschi – The Road / Dan Perjovschi — Drumul
    Directed by Liviu Varlam

    Best Animated Film:

    Skateboarding Is Not a Crime
    Directed by Cristian Radu

    Mother, Father, I Want to Tell You Something / Mamă, tată, vreau să vă spun ceva
    Directed by Paul Mureșan

    Best TV Film:

    A Film Less Cheerful, More Sad, Poetic and Talkative / Un film mai puțin vesel, mai mult trist, poetic și sfătos
    Directed by Cornel Mihalache

    Truths about the Past – The Jagolea Family /Adevăruri despre trecut—Familia Jagolea
    Directed by Raluca Rogojină

    Romania behind the Front / România din spatele frontului
    Directed by Ruxandra Țuchel

    'Alexandru Tatos' Opera Prima Award:

    Bogdan Mirică for Dogs

    Catrinel Dănăiață for Double / Dublu (Romania)
    Directed by Catrinel Dănăiaţă
    Produced by Abis Studio
    Coproduced by HiFilm Productions
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre