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Cătălin Mitulescu Explores Human Relationships In Heidi Featured

Cătălin Mitulescu Explores Human Relationships In Heidi Strada Film

BUCHAREST: Cătălin Mitulescu’s new feature film Heidi follows a police officer nearing retirement who is given the mission to find two prostitutes who are willing to testify in an organised crime case. The fourth feature film of the Romanian writer/director/producer had its world premiere in the main competition of the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival.

After exposing human trafficking in Loverboy (2011), which premiered in Cannes’s Un Certain Regard section, Mitulescu is resuming the exploration of human relationships against the backdrop of Romania’s harsh social realities.

“During the research for Loverboy I was working in a police precinct outside Bucharest with an old policeman who told me some stories. He switched sometimes from his duty and I found out later that he never told me the complete truth. I started to think of a story set in the outskirts of Bucharest in between winter and spring”, Cătălin Mitulescu explained to FNE about how he came up with the story.

The main characters are played by Gheorghe Visu and Cătălina Mihai, and the cast includes: Gabriel Zaharia, Octavian Costin, Florin Zamfirescu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Cristian Bota, Maria Popistașu and Ada Condeescu.

The film was shot in 24 days in 2018. The acclaimed Romanian cinematographer Marius Panduru (Aferim!, produced by HiFilm) is lensing.

Mitulescu is producing through Strada Film. The Romanian Film Centre supported the project. The budget was 900,000 EUR.

The film will be domestically released by Strada Film Distribution in November 2019. No sales agent is attached yet.

Production Information:

Strada Film Romania
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Director: Cătălin Mitulescu
Scriptwriter: Cătălin Mitulescu, Radu Aldulescu
DoP: Marius Panduru
Cast: Gheorghe Visu, Cătălina Mihai, Gabriel Zaharia, Octavian Costin, Florin Zamfirescu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Cristian Bota, Maria Popistașu, Ada Condeescu


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