Dan Chișu Questions Objectivity in 5 Minutes Too Late

5 Minutes Too Late by Dan Chișu 5 Minutes Too Late by Dan Chișu credit: Doria Drăgușin

BUCHAREST: Dan Chișu’s new feature film 5 Minutes Too Late / 5 minute, inspired by real homophobic reactions that occurred during a screening of an LGBT film in Romania, was selected for the International Competition of the 35th edition of the Warsaw Film Festival (11-20 October 2019).

Loosely inspired by a screening of Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids Are All Right, which was boycotted in Bucharest in 2013, Dan Chișu imagined a fictional story, where a fierce journalist investigates why the police hadn't stopped a conflict that led to a person's injury.

„At the core of the film is the intention to understand concepts like truth, objectivity and even search. What are the starting points of your everyday searches? On the other hand, what are the reaching points and how much truth lies in our permanent need to make sense of our own actions or the others’ actions?”, writer/director Dan Chișu said in a statement.

The main characters are played by Mihai Călin, Diana Cavalioti, Emanuel Pârvu, Ana Radu, Elvira Deatcu, Adrian Titieni and Gabriel Huian.

The film is a Romanian coproduction between Anamaria Antoci through Domestic Film and Dan Chișu through DaKINO Production. The project is supported by the Romanian Film Centre, MEDIA – Creative Europe and Heineken Romania, in partnership with the Romanian public television. The budget was 635,000 EUR, Anamaria Antoci told FNE.

The film was shot in four weeks from May to June 2018. Domestic Film will release it in Romania in the spring of 2020.

Production Information:

Domestic Film (Romania)
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5 Minutes Too Late by Dan Chișu, credit: Doria DrăgușinCoproducer:
DaKINO Production

Director: Dan Chișu
Scriptwriter: Dan Chișu
DoP: Adrian Silișteanu RSC
Editor: Letiția Ștefănescu
Sound: Marius Leftărache
Art designer: Gina Călin
Costume designer: Adina Bucur
Makeup: Dana Roșeanu
Hair styling: Manuela Simionescu
Visual effects: Olga Avramov
Cast: Mihai Călin, Diana Cavalioti, Emanuel Pârvu, Ana Radu, Elvira Deatcu, Adrian Titieni, Gabriel Huian