RealD and Sony 3D launch in Romania

By Iulia Blaga
    At the beginning of May, Bucharest Hollywood Multiplex and Cinema Pro became the first cinemas in Romania to run the latest version of digital system and 3D from Sony and RealD,

    Cinema owner, Media Pro Company (http://www.cinemapro.ro), claims they are the first movie houses in the world using the new technology.The first cinema in Romania to use 3D was Movieplex Plaza Bucharest, with "Journey to the Center of the Earth selling more than 90.000 tickets after its September 2008 bow.

    The multiplex Lotus in the city of Oradea will implement the new technology from mid-May.

    The theaters are using 4K and 3D, and the investment is about €700,000.

    Hollywood Multiplex (founded in 2000) is the first and the biggest multiplex of Bucharest, with 10 theaters and 2125 seats. Lotus Oradea has 5 theaters with 732 seats, and was opened in 2003, being the only multiplex in town. Cinema Pro, with 540 seats, is located in a renovated movie theater in the center of Bucharest.

    Romanian audiences have responded well to the multiplexes. As a consequence, the number of cinema halls in the multiplexes of Bucharest dubbled last year, to 42.