Romanian grant conditions announced

By Iulia Blaga

    The National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) has allocated 4,354,000 million euro (18 million RON) for the first session of the grants in 2010.

    The fee for application was significantly increased in the decision by the general manager of the National Centre for Cinema (CNC), Eugen Şerbănescu, announced on April 14. The fees now range betwen 121 and 363 euro. In 2010 for the first time there will be separate juries for documentaries and animated films, in addition to the feature films jury.

    From a total amount of 4,354,000 million euro (18 million RON) allocated for this session, 2.37 million euro (9.8 million RON) will go to feature films, 870,000 euro (3.6 million RON) for first features, 435,300 euro each for documentaries and animations, 217,700 euro (900,000 RON) for short fictions and 24,200 euro (100,000 RON) for development of features, documentaries and animations.

    The deadline for applications is May 21. There will be two sessions each year. In 2009 there was no session at all, despite the fact that the Cinema Law demands it.

    The National Centre for Cinema also has a new administration council composed of Eugen Şerbănescu (general manager of CNC), Demeter András István, (representative of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, www.cultura.ro), Ioan Cărmăzan (from the Romanian Authors and Filmmakers Union - UARF, www.uarf.ro), Elisabeta Bostan (from the Romanian Filmmakers Union - UCIN, www.ucin.ro), Florin Paraschiv (from Romanian Producers Union), Diana Butoeru (from Romanian Filmmakers Association) and Oana Stoenescu (from Romanian Film Promotion, www.romfilmpromotion.ro).