Romanian ad market falls

By Iulia Blaga

    With a value of 339 million euro, the 2009 Romanian ad market dropped to below the level of 2006. Initiative Romania estimates that the ad market will continue to drop to 308 million euro by the end of 2010.

    Televisions revenues dropped by 34%, from 337 million to 222 million euro. However, they accounted for 65% of the total net revenues from advertising. Media Pro group channels - Pro TV (www.protv.ro), Acasă (www.acasa.ro), Pro Cinema (www.procinema.ro), Sport.ro and MTV (www.mtv.ro) had 53% of the total net revenues in 2009, followed by Intact channels - Antena 1 (www.antena1.ro), Antena 2 (www.antena2.ro), Antena 3 (www.antena3.ro), Euforia (www.euforia.tv ) with 24% ; SBS channels - Prima TV (www.primatv.ro) and Kiss TV with 6%; and the channels managed by the Romanian Television Society (SRTv) -- TVR1 (www.tvr.ro), TVR 2, and TVR Cultural -- with 5.5%.

    Pro TV still tops over the chart with 2.9% rating and 14.8% market share, followed by Antena 1 with 2.2% rating and 11.4% market share, and Realitatea TV with 1.2% rating and 6.2% market share. CME Group (www.cetv-net.com), Intact (www.intactmediagroup.ro), Realitatea-Caţavencu (www.gruprc.ro), SRTv (www.tvr.ro) and Dogan Media Group (www.dyh.com.tr) remained the major players on the share market. CME and Intact gathered 50% of the total share in 2009.

    Initiative Romania estimates that if the ad market keeps dropping, the television stations can survive only by improving their market share, but says it's impossible to predict the TV ad market for the last half of 2010 and for 2011. However, Initiative Romania that revenues from ad TV will drop to 209 million euro in 2010 .

    Octavian Popescu, vice-president of Initiative Romania estimates that the ad market will drop with 9% in 2010. The fact and figures were announced through Media Fact Book, a yearbook published by Initiative Romania (www.initiativemedia.ro) since 1997. Initiative Romania is a subsidiary of Initiative Worldwide (www.initiative.com).