New Country Manager at Chello Central Europe România

BUCHAREST: Anda Mânza replaced Dorian Ciubuc as country manager at Chello Central Europe România starting 1 February 2011.

Admissions Double as New Screens Open

BUCHAREST: The biggest box-office successes of 2010 in Romania drew almost double the numbers of 2009. Cinema City opened new multiplexes in 2010 in Baia Mare, Arad and a second…

Critics Name The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu best Romanian Film

BUCHAREST: Romanian journalists and film critics selected The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu/Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceauşescu as the best Romanian film of 2010 and its director, Andrei Ujică, as the best…

TLC Launches in Romania

BUCHAREST: The Discovery Channel ( launched the women entertainment channel TLC in Romania on 20 January 2011 on the basic analog and digital packages of UPC ( and AKTA (,…

New General Manager at UPC

BUCHAREST: The Romanian communication company UPC ( has a new General Manager, Severina Pascu, elected for four years. She is replacing the American Jack Mikaloff, who ran the company from…

PRODUCTION: Emmy Winner Nanau Prepares New Documentary

BUCHAREST: Alexander Nanau, recipient of the International Emmy 2010 for The World According to Ion B, is preparing a new full length documentary, 136, which will be produced by Strada…

Batman Franchise Scouts Romania

BUCHAREST: Bucharest City Hall has informed local media that The Dark Knight Rises, the upcoming film in the Batman series, is in discussions to film in Romania.

RADEF Renovates, Opens Old Cinemas

BUCHAREST: RADEF RomâniaFilm (, the communist era manager of Romanian cinemas and current owner of some 30 screens in Romania, has opened its first 3D cine-café in Bucharest. The company…

PRODUCTION: Touch Me Not in development

BUCHAREST: Writer/ director Adina Pintile is developing her first feature film, Touch Me Not, a study of the human longing for contact, with three a woman and two men fighting…

Green Light for New Romanian Channels

BUCHAREST: Four new television channels have received licences from the National Audiovisual Council of Romania (

PRODUCTION: Seven Acts of Mercy Shooting in Italy

Seven Acts of Mercy/Sette opere di misericordia, an Italian/Romanian co-production between Alessandro Borrelli of La Sarraz Pictures ( and Dan Burlac of Elefant Film, began shooting in Torino on 19…

MediaPro Signs WB Distribution Agreement

BUCHAREST: MediaPro Distribution (, the distribution company of MediaPro Entertainment ( will exclusively distribute Warner Bros. Pictures ( productions in classic, digital and 3D format in the Romanian cinemas starting…

Romania Concludes Second Grant Session

BUCHAREST: The National Centre for Cinema ( announced the second 2010 grant session on 21 December 2010, with a 31 January deadline. The rushed session was due to the approval…

PRODUCTION: 4 Blows in Development

BUCHAREST: Writer/director Peter Kerek is developing his first feature film, 4 Blows/Patru lovituri, a fictional self-portrait told through four life-changing events in one man's life.

FNE 2010 Year in Review: Romania Secures its Place on the Cinema Map

Romanian filmmakers were the stars of 2010, while TV saw growth and administrative changes, all of which set the stage for future success.

Cityplex Opens 3D Screen

Cityplex opened its first 3D screen at Cityplex Constanţa (Tomis Mall) located on the Black Sea coast on 10 December 2010.

PRODUCTION: Ileana in Development

BUCHAREST: Eva Pervolovici is in development with her first feature, Ileana, the story of a young and innocent girl who decides to infiltrate the ghetto in order to save her…

10 TV Launches on December 10

BUCHAREST: 10 TV, a new television channel from Romanian communication company RCS/RDS (, will launch on 10 December 2010. The launch budget and the budget for 2011 is 10 million…

PRODUCTION: The End of Rain in development

Director/writer Alex Rotaru is in development with his first feature film, The End of Rain, focusing on the culture clash and conflict between generations and inspired by his own experience…

PRODUCTION: Gabrea in Development with Lindenfeld

Radu Gabrea (Gruber's Journey, The Beheaded Rooster) is currently in development with the long docu-drama The Last Days of Ceauşescu (planned for shooting starting February 2011) and is also developing…