FESTIVALS: 25th MFFK Febiofest Slovakia Introduces Competition Lineup


BRATISLAVA: Twenty short films are running in the In the Heart of Europe competition of the 25th MFFK Febiofest Slovakia (15- 21 March 2018). Creation, production and distribution of short films are the main topics of the 3rd Industry Days (20-21 March 2018).

The festival will screen more than 100 films including The Insects / Hmyz directed by Jan Švankmajer (a Czech/Slovak coproduction), Freedom / Sloboda directed by Jan Speckenbach (a German/Slovak coproduction) and the documentary Svetlé miesta / The Bright Spots, directed by the Slovak acclaimed filmmaker Dušan Trančík and produced by Filmpark in coproduction with RTVS.

The competition consists of 20 fiction, documentary, animation and experimental short films from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Austria.

The main organiser of MFFK Febiofest is the Association of Slovak Film Clubs. The main part of the festival takes place in the Lumière Cinema in Bratislava. Afterwards, the selection will travel to another 10 cities across Slovakia.


Dust / Proch (Poland)
Directed by Jakub Radej

The Little One / Malá (Czech Republic)
Directed by Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Bo Hai (Czech Republic)
Directed by Dužan Duong

Hypnodrom (Austria)
Directed by Richard Wilhelmer

A Short Film About Caring / Krátky film o pomáhaní (Slovakia)
Directed by Alexandra Gojdičová

Active / Aktiv (Czech Republic)
Directed by Jan Rousek

Volcano Island / Vulkánsziget (Hungary)
Directed by Anna Katalin Lovrity

Idiot (Slovakia)
Directed by Martina Buchelová

O! Fortuna! (Work in Progress) I – VI (Austria)
Directed by Karin Berger

Spitsbergen (Poland)
Directed by Michał Szcześniak

Making Off (Germania Dreamland) (Austria, Germany)
Directed by Istvan Gyöngyösi

Fifi Fatale (Slovakia)
Directed by Mária Kralovič

Let Me In / Otwórz mi (Poland)
Directed by Dominika Gnatek

Hide and Seek / Bújócska (Hungary)
Directed by Benő Gábor Baranyi

I Want to Believe (Slovakia)
Directed by Matúš Ryšan

Euphoria / Euforia (Poland)
Directed by Natalia Pietsch

The Truck / Kamion (Czech Republic)
Directed by Michal Blaško, Adam Mach

Friendly Sport Meeting / Přátelské setkání nad sportem (Czech Republic)
Directed by Adam Koloman Rybanský

Collapsed Lung / Légmell (Hungary)
Directed by Ambrus Fatér

43 Years of Bratislava Metro / 43 rokov bratislavského metra (Slovakia)
Directed by Lucia Kašová