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FESTIVALS: Slovak and Czech Films at 20th Bratislava IFF Featured

Winter Flies by Olmo Omerzu Winter Flies by Olmo Omerzu

BRATISLAVA: The 20th Bratislava IFF, which runs 29 November – 2 December, has transformed the Made in Slovakia section to a selection of Slovak and Czech films, with several Slovak/Czech coproductions.

The ten films include five full length films and five short student films. They range from a Slovak experimental short documentary student film to the award-winning coproduction Winter Flies by the Prague-based Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu.

The complete list of films in the Made in CZ/SK follows:

Breaking News (Czech Republic)
Directed by Tomas Bojar
Produced by Cinema Arsenal, i/o post, Sounderground, Bystrouška
Supported by the Czech Film Fund

Domestique (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Directed by Adam Sedlak
Produced by Shore Points (Czech Republic), Sentimentalfilm (Slovakia)

Extraction (Slovakia)
Directed by Katerina Hronikova
Produced by VŠMU

Journey (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Marek Jasaň
Produced by Artichoke (Czech Republic), Animation People (Slovakia), VŠMU

King Skate (Czech Republic)
Directed by Šimon Šafránek
Produced by Negativ, the Czech Television, Magiclab

Talks with TGM (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Directed by Jakub Červenka
Produced by Bedna Films (Czech Republic), Fantomas Production (Slovakia)
Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

The Trip (Slovakia)
Directed by Daniel Rihák
Produced by VŠMU

Therapy by Traveling (Slovakia)
Directed by Michal Baránek
Produced by VŠMU

Vampire Sushi (Slovakia)
Directed by Marek Fischer, Jakub Cheban, Michaela Hošková
Produced by VŠMU

Winter Flies / Zimske muhe (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, France)
Directed by Olmo Omerzu
Cinematography by Lukáš Milota
Produced by endorfilm 
Coproduced by Punkchart Films, KoskinoCvinger FilmCzech Television and Rougue International
Supported by the Polish Film Institute, the Czech Film CentreSlovak Film InstituteSlovenski filmski center and Javna agencija RS


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