New support from MEDIA for Slovene companies

Written by Matevz Rudolf
Slovenian producers and distribution companies have received an additional €74,042 from Media Desk Slovenia (www.mediadeskslovenia.eu) to retroactively cover 2008 budget costs.

The production company Casablanca (www.casablanca.si) received €40,042 for its documentary film Brussels via Sarajevo.

Three other distribution companies received €34,000 for the following films:

Blitz Film & Video Distribution (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Slumdog Millionaire (€8,000);

Cinemania Group (www.cinemania-group.si), Svetat e golyam i spasenie debne otvsyakade (€4,000);

Continental Film (www.continentalfilm.si), Disco Ormene (€12,000), Home (€2,000), Nuntamuta (€2,000), Revanche (€2,000), and Import-Export (€4,000).

In total for the year 2008 Slovenian producers, distribution companies and film festivals received €332,000. Over 65% of this funding was granted to support distribution of European films.