Baltic View Awards New Baltic Talent in Locarno

Baltic View, an established Baltic online cinema space dedicated to promoting Baltic films, will introduce its own award in the framework of First Look in Locarno.  

On August 4-6, Locarno Film Festival will host the 7th edition of First Look, aiming to showcase new films in post-production from a specific territory. This year’s region of focus are the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

In the framework of the First Look and in partnership with Noir Lumiere service company, Baltic View will present in Locarno an in-kind award valued 3000 € consisting of DCP production and international promotion, to be presented to 1-3 Baltic films out of the chosen six titles, with most festival and distribution potential.

The promotion is offered in a form of an international cinema event - exclusive one-off promotional cinema events for Baltic films in prime cinemas in the world that are aimed to direct attention to extraordinary audiovisual works from the Baltic states. The award consists of three screenings in European capitals, the production of a DCP for the purpose, and its delivery to those three locations. Additionally, Noir Lumiere, the producer of the DCP, is offering the winners a unique opportunity to store their film in online DCP server for one year for free, ready for festival use. 

Baltic View will also take care of the promotion and organisation of the cinema events, to be taking place in assigned locations all over Europe. 

Due to Baltic View’s network of existing and ever expanding partnerships, the events have proven popular and successful, and are a convenient way for strong Baltic titles to get some additional international exposure outside the festival circle. 

Baltic View award will be presented in Locarno on the 6th of August. 

Last modified on 03-08-2017