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Press releases 2017-11-21


On the one hand, recent years have seen an incredibly rapid development of innovative VR systems – hardware & software - and corresponding storytelling strategies. On the other hand, very few companies have so far succeeded in making money with the (3D) contents and apps they created with these means.

In light of this state of affairs, Stereopsia has assembled – for its Professional Conference (PCON) - a unique set of international experts who will, first, briefly expose their personal views of what good business models for VR are & of what tools exist to implement them, and, then, participate to a panel discussion, with interaction from the audience.

These experts include J. Bossicard (, Belgium), G. Daleiden (Film Fund Luxembourg, Luxembourg), M. Haverland (, Belgium), M. Ritondo (Federal Public Service Finance, Belgium), N. Merritt (Rolemance, USA), K. Meseberg (ARTE, France), and Leen Segers (LucidWeb, Belgium). You’ll find their photos and short biographies on the PCON webpage, in the “Speakers” section.

The corresponding PCON session will take place on Wed 13 Dec, from 11:00 am till 12:30 pm.

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