Ventana Sur opens on November 30th both online and in cinemas in 6 cities

    Ventana Sur is the most important market for audiovisual content in Latin America, and it is a must in the schedule of distributors and buyers from the international industry.

    Organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, Ventana Sur brings together all the different players from the audiovisual industry to promote international co-production, financing and distribution of Latin American content. It is also supported by the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA.

    Due to Covid-19, the 12th edition of Ventana Sur will take place in a hybrid format, from Nov 30th to December 4th. The majority of activities will be organized online, including screenings, meetings, networking events and conferences while many films will also have a theatrical screening for buyers in 6 cities.

    More than 2.000 professionals from around the world will participate this year, including more than 250 buyers and sellers. They will meet online with content producers at business conferences, pitching sessions and one-on-one meetings. 

    Ventana Sur will provide buyers with digital screenings of more than 100 Latin-American and 50 selected European films. In local theatres in 6 cities, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Madrid and Paris, Ventana Sur will organize  theatrical screenings of 70 of those films at the same time; these will include Latam and European films, as well as the works-in-progress of Primer Corte, Copia Final, Blood Window and Animation!.

    Through its different sections, such as Primer Corte, Copia Final, Blood Window, Animation! and Proyecta, Ventana Sur promotes Latin American content of all genres (Fiction, Docs, Animation, Fantasy, Latin American Queer) and formats, providing a wide range of business possibilities and promotion, unique in the region. It also helps and promotes connections and co-productions between Europe and Latin-America.

    Ventana Sur is offering from November 30th its usual sections and is adding 2 new programs 

    Animation! is preparing for the Ronda Internacional de Negocios  where producers from the region will be able to meet with representatives from the main international platforms, sales agents and studios from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, UK and Russia.

    In alliance with the MIFA, Annecy's Animation Festival and Market, 241 projects were registered, from which 16 finalists were selected to participate in a pitching session with important awards, to which the Platinum Industry is being added this year

    Two conferences will be held by the Russian production company Animaccord Animation Studio and Asdult Swim, creators of the successful series "Masha and the Bear" and "Rick and Morty" respectively.

    Blood Window, a "must" in fantasy and horror films, will showcase films in post-production, market premieres and a selection of twenty projects in search of partners to complete their financing, a selection of nine films in post-production curated by Jose Luis Rebordinos (director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival), business rounds, pitching sessions, and Blood Window Lab (which this year got a record 214 entries). Two major players in the industry, Cinepolis and Video Cine, will make presentations on distribution and exhibition of genre films in Latin America, as part of a series of panels discussing current events and uncertainties about what will come after the pandemic.

    Primer Corte. The committee led by Eva Morsch Khin chose, out of  170 Latin films in postproduction, the six that will compete this year for the multiple awards offered by Primer Corte, the section that attracts enormous interest mainly for sales agents and festival programmers.  From the beginning, Primer Corte has been a space to see and discover films that have participated and succeeded in the circuit of major festivals.

    Copia Final will present a selection of 6 recently finished and unreleased films that are directly invited by Ventana Sur programmers.

    Please find the list of the films at the end of this document.

    Proyecta. The joint initiative between Ventana Sur and the San Sebastian International Festival (Spain) will present 17 feature film projects in search of co-production between Latin America and Europe,  3 of which come from European countries, with  2 selected by EAVE/Puentes and Brasil CineMundi.

    The 12th edition of Ventana Sur opens two new windows this year: 

    Punto Genero, created with the purpose of giving visibility to and promoting film productions by women and non-binaries in Latin America.

    El Principio del Film, promoting the role of screenwriters as essential figures in the process of audiovisual fiction production. It will present winning scripts in various contests held by public and private institutions in the region, seeking to reach the international market.

    Activities for Producers. This year we are also proposing two activities especially dedicated to producers: Producers Network and Producers Bond. The Producers Network is an adapted version of the Cannes Marché du Film program, where up to 150 selected producers from Latin America will participate in a series of meetings specifically designed to create opportunities to build their peer network. Producers Bond is an informal online get-together in Speed-Meeting format, aimed to connect producers from Europe and Latin America and allow them to expand co-production possibilities as well as new business collaborations.


    Primer Corte selection

    A felicidade das coisas / The joy of things - DIR: Thais Fujinaga – Brazil

    PROD: Thiago Macêdo Correia

    Álbum para la juventud / Album for the youth - DIR: Malena Solarz – Argentina

    PROD: Cecilia Pisano

    Fogaréu / Fogaréu -  DIR: Flávia Neves - Brazil / France 

    PROD: Vania Catani

    Trigal / Wheatfield  - DIR: Anabel Caso – México

    PROD: Paula Astorga Riestra

    Vergüenza / Shame - DIR: Miguel Salgado - Mexico

    PROD: Angélica J. Ramírez

    Yo y las Bestias / Me & the Beasts - DIR: Nico Manzano - Venezuela

    PROD: Alan Ohep

    Copia Final selection

    A mãe / The mother - DIR: Cristiano Burlan – Brazi 

    PROD: Ivan Melo, Cristiano Burlan, Henrique Zanoni and Priscila Portell

    El visitante / The Visitor - DIR: Martin Boulocq - Bolivia / Uruguay 

    PROD: Alvaro Olmos Torrico, Andrea Camponovo, Martín Boulocq

    La Barbarie / The Barbaric - DIR: Andrew Sala – Argentina 

    PROD: Nicolás Grosso

    La Ciudad de las Fieras / The City of wild Beasts - DIR: Henry Rincón Orozco - Colombia / Ecuador  PROD: Ana Mayo

    Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos / My brothers dream awake  - DIR: Claudia Huaiquimilla – Chile – PROD: Pablo Greene, Mariana Tejos

    Princesa Anaíra / Farewell Captain - DIR: Sérgio Machado  - Brazil 

    PROD: Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane, Rodrigo Castellar, Pablo Torrecillas

    Ventana Sur places Latam at the center of the stage with a range of 50 online conferences 

    The 12th edition of Ventana Sur will take place in a hybrid format, from Nov 30th to December 4th. Most activities will be organized online, including screenings, meetings, networking events and conferences.

    In a year marked by the Covid 19 pandemic, Ventana Sur offers a space to reflect on the new and important issues that are affecting the sector.   

    The main objective is to trigger the exchange of ideas and strengthen the film community. What is the balance of the year and what are the alternatives for the future?

    We will address the new trends in storytelling in the face of the restructuring of the industry with the emergence of various digital platforms that promote new roles for authors and new trends in content creation.

    While the health crisis is affecting the film industry, digital platforms are gaining momentum. How are these changes reflected in Latin America and Europe? Amazon Prime Video, one of the leading OTTs in the global market, has achieved an interesting positioning in Latin America based on original productions and strategic alliances. For its part, Netflix, the global giant SVOD, is working on two fronts to continue growing: complications for production and the incentive for consumption, a specific paradox that arises in a pandemic. Thus, a new map of audiovisual content consumption is being reconfigured, with strong players seeking to capture more and new audiences. These are two cases whose protagonists will tell us how they face the coming story.

    Co-productions have intensified, and stories based on real events, thrillers, travel shows, kids and factual stories are growing. In addition, the "Covid-proof" formats in the entertainment world are gaining relevance. How is the return to production in Covid's time and what are the new business models and future perspectives of the audiovisual markets? The particularities of four major markets in the world: America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

    Funding around the world: we are presenting an overview of the numerous funding opportunities from research conducted by Projeto Paradiso, Brazilian Content and Cinema do Brasil together with LatAm cinema. We will look at institutional innovations in the framework provided by Covid-19 and new proposals linked to current public policies.

    The section of panels, included in the category of animation, challenges us with a series of ideas and strategies related to the development of characters as crucial elements of the narrative. After all, a powerful story needs strong, multi-faceted characters who are kind to the audience. In this sense, Masha and The Bear, the Russian series that represents a success story and its own creators participate in Ventana Sur, where they tell us first-hand how the process of development and realization of the project went. The same is true of Rick and Morty, the American animated television series.

    Another great axis has to do with the inclusion of women and non-binaries in an industry that is going through falling mandates and structures. It is about unmasking harassment and bullying, hearing the voices and giving prominence to Latin American collectives that, through different actions, seek to generate changes to safeguard the integrity and ensure the equality of female and male workers. That is why we are investigating the protocols to change the work culture and exchange perspectives, strategies and challenges.

    We still have all to do and creativity is our goal. Together we want to create opportunities to develop our maximum potential, radicalize filmmaking from its storytelling and aesthetic proposals, and offer our audiences more and better experiences.