BELGRADE: Serbian SoulFood has acquired world sales rights for Stefan Arsenijević’s new feature film As Far As I Can Walk / Strahinja Banović, ahead of its world premiere in the main competition programme of the 55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (20-28 August 2021).

BELGRADE: The digitally restored version of the Serbian and Yugoslav classic film Who’s Singin’ Over There? / Ko to tamo peva (1980) directed by Slobodan Šijan has racked up 3,000 admissions in France, where it opened in 12 cinemas on 19 May 2021.

BELGRADE: Film Center Serbia has distributed 339,864 EUR / 40 m RSD among nine minority coproductions, of which seven originate from FNE partner countries. The list  includes the new projects by Antonio Nuić, Emir Кapetanović, Una Gunjak and Dragutin Đurović.

BELGRADE: The Association of Film Festivals of Serbia / Asocijacija filmskih festivala Srbija (AFIFS) was founded in Belgrade with support from Film Center Serbia, and at the moment it includes seven festivals.

BELGRADE: Film Center Serbia distributed approximately 2 m EUR / 240.7 m RSD at its latest call for production grants.

BELGRADE: The popular Serbian actor/producer Radoš Bajić is currently in production with his latest directorial feature film, the WWII epic The Heroes of Halyard / Heroji Halijarda. A TV series The Air Bridge / Vazdušni most is being shot at the same time, stemming from the same material and also directed by Radoš Bajić.

BELGRADE: Film Center Serbia has distributed 1,459,186 EUR / 171.6 m RSD to 32 projects in five categories: nationally-themed feature films, debut features, experimental films and video-art, animation short films and graduating student films.

BELGRADE: The new premium postproduction facility 247HUB, which opened in Belgrade's downtown at the end of 2020, is already fully booked with incoming international projects, as well as booming Serbian film and TV projects.

BELGRADE: The American SF horror The Quantum Devil by Larry Wade Carrell is currently shooting in various locations around the Serbian capital. Milan Todorović's Talking Wolf Productions is servicing. The production has applied to Serbia's 25% cash rebate scheme.

BELGRADE: Ivan Ikić’s Oasis / Oaza won the Belgrade Victor Award for Best Film in the Main Competition of the 49th FEST 2021, which wrapped officially on 16 May 2019. The festival awards were presented at a ceremony hosted by the Kombank Hall in Belgrade.