BELGRADE: Ivan Ikić’s Oasis / Oaza won the Belgrade Victor Award for Best Film in the Main Competition of the 49th FEST 2021, which wrapped officially on 16 May 2019. The festival awards were presented at a ceremony hosted by the Kombank Hall in Belgrade.

BELGRADE: The revered Serbian actress Mirjana Karanović is developing her second feature film Mother Mara / Majka Mara, which has recently received production support from Film Fund Luxembourg. Mirjana Karanović will star in this coproduction between Serbia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BELGRADE: The 49th edition of FEST will wrap in Belgrade on 16 May 2021 with the screening of the Serbian biographical documentary Kreka: Dreamcatcher / Kreka: Lovac na snove by Slobodan Ivetić. The film is about Miljen Kljaković Kreka, the most respected Serbian production designer of his generation.

BELGRADE: The Spring Poem / Prolećna pesma by writer/director Natalija Avramović will have its national premiere in the FEST Fokus Programme of the 49th FEST 2021, which is running in Belgrade 7-16 May 2021.

BELGRADE: The Serbian long documentary-animated film Life of a Mutt / Prizori iz života džukca by writer/director Tanja Brzaković will screen in the FEST Fokus programme of the 49th edition of FEST, which takes place in Belgrade 7-16 May 2021. The project was supported by Film Center Serbia.

BELGRADE: Ivan Ikić’s sophomore feature Oasis / Oaza will have its national premiere in the main competition of the 49th edition of FEST 2021. The film is a a coproduction between Serbia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and France.

BELGRADE: The crime thriller Loan Shark / Lihvar by young director Nemanja Ćeranić will have its national premiere in the main competition of FEST 2021. This is the first Serbian film to be shot completely during the pandemic.

BELGRADE: The first of the announced six Serbian feature films to have their national premiere at FEST 2021 is the Serbian/German/Bulgarian coproduction The Living Man / Živ čovek directed by Oleg Novković. The film premiered internationally at the Cottbus Film Festival in December 2020.

BELGRADE: The 49th FEST International Film Festival in Belgrade, the largest and the most popular film festival in Serbia, will present 71 Serbian premieres, including both domestic and foreign productions, from 6 to 16 May 2021. The festival, which will be held physically, has already sold more than 90,000 tickets.

BELGRADE: Serbian filmmaker Mladen Kovačević is currently in production with his long documentary Another Spring / Još jedno proleće, about the 1972 Yugoslavian smallpox outbreak. The project recently won the Raggioverde Subtitling Award in the Work in Progress section of the VdR Industry 2021 of the 53rd Documentary Film Festival Visions du Réel in Nyon.