PRAGUE: The 62nd Zlin Festival of films for children and youth, which takes place from 26 May to 1 June 2022, has announced its programme lineup as well as its industry event for film professionals. The international competition in six sections will screen 276 films from 49 countries.

PRAGUE: Czech crime series Nineties / Devadesátky by Slovak director Peter Bebjak has gathered 2.23 m viewers during only six Sunday evenings on the Czech Television. This is the best result for a Czech television series in the last 18 years.

PRAGUE: The Czech Box Office number one hit in 2022 so far is the children fairytale The Secret of an Old Pistol 2 / Tajemství staré bambitky 2, directed by Ivo Macharácek, produced by Fairytale Production in coproduction with the Czech Television and Innogy. The film released by Bioscop on 3 February 2022 had 315,000 admissions in six weeks.

PRAGUE: Czech film star Aňa Geislerová has spent recent weeks as Ms. President on winter Prague locations. The fictional role of the first female president of the Czech Republic in history has been written for the popular actress by the Czech romantic comedies hitmaker Rudolf Havlík.

PRAGUE: The Czech Government has decided to supplement the annual production incentives budget, which used to be around 31.5 m EUR / 800 m CZK, with another 12 m EUR / 300 m CZK. As a result, the total production incentives budget for 2021 increased to 43.5 m EUR / 1.1 billion CZK.