FNE AV Innovation: Filmtopia Brings KineDok Concept to Slovakia


    BRATISLAVA: KineDok is an alternative distribution concept for creative documentaries. The international project is supported by CE MEDIA. It has has been executed in Slovakia by Filmtopia since 2015. Creating packages of documentary films enables more effective financing and promotion of projects. Also, the documentaries benefit from the newly created distribution network of local promoters, which has been one of the main aims of KineDok.

    Filmtopia is a distribution company which models itself as a distribution laboratory, has introduced two new projects dedicated to the distribution of problematic formats.

    One of them, called Dokumenty pre radosť (Documentaries for your joy) is based on the KineDok concept and consists of four Czech and Slovak documentaries (Český Alláh by Zuzana Piussi, Sprisahanie šedej rasy by Maroš Berák, Zákon Helena by Petra Nesvačilová and Hotel Úsvit by Mária Rumanová) gathered in one themed distribution package according to their critical point of view on current social, economical and political situation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

    Second package is called Kino Fest Anča and has been created in cooperation with International animation festival Fest Anča. Kino Fest Anča consists of five blocks of shorrt international animation films (Best animations for kids. Best contemporary animation films, Best animation music videos, Most funny animation films). Feature length animation programmes have been created to support distribution and animation film literacy for these fims which are rarely seen on big screen because of their short length.

    Eva KrizkovaAbout the Author: Eva Križková is a co-founder, PR and project manager of the Filmtopia distribution company, she is also practically involved in distributing films for so-called discriminating viewers. She is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of cinema bi-monthly Kinečko, which provides a platform for an open and erudite debate of Slovakia’s cinema community.

    Bratislava, Slovakia


    KineDok is an alternative distribution platform of contemporary creative documentaries with a large network of alternative venues, an established social media presence, and feasible outreach and campaign strategies. KineDok’s live event-based screenings are accompanied by discussions with documentary filmmakers and other experts. In all KineDok regions (8 European countries), the venues range from established cultural community spots in large cities to small towns and villages, all run by local promoters.


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