FNE AV Innovation: Artinii Unveils Community Driven Distribution Concept


    KARLOVY VARY: The young Czech company Artinii is poised to change the film distribution system with the launch of a new concept described as “a community-driven film distribution tool.” Co-founders Vit Krajicek and Ctirad Hemelik introduced Artinii to the public for the first time within the Industry Days programme of the Karlovy Vary IFF, running through 6 July 2019.

    The concept, which consists of six elements, is designed to easily and efficiently deliver film content to communities with shared interests for public screenings. The co-founders, whose backgrounds combine event organising and technology, have been refining their idea for five years, finalising it in May 2018 and lining up a private investor immediately. With an initial budget “in the single millions of Euros,” according to Hemelik, the pair began creating new technology that both streamlines and expands distribution possibilities. A trial launch is expected in October, with the final complete launch taking place by March 2020.

    The six elements are:

    1. Artinii analysis – a database of over 250,000 films tagged by the 30 topics most relevant to viewers
    2. Artinii recommendation engine – technology that identifies similarities used to recommend films to audiences
    3. Artinnii distribution – a standardised format that incorporates secure storage of the film, digital watermarking, optimised file size and file encryption
    4. Artinii player – a video player with security measures in place, which is provided free to customers
    5. Artinii premiere events – remote hosting of global “community” film screenings
    6. Mytitle.com - an unalterable record proving when and where a film was downloaded

    The company is now in the process of lining up non-exclusive rights to films. Content will consist of both new and older films, with the intent of “breathing new life into forgotten films.” The film producers can determine prices and territories. Artinii has divided the world into three parts based on economic criteria, in order to make the film available at different prices in different areas. Hemelik told FNE the idea of community is not a geographical concept, but an interest-based concept. However, he added, the delivery of the films is for public screenings.

    “We have easy conditions for filmmakers,” Krajicek told FNE. “We need the film in any format, and there is 50/50 share based on a flat fee.” The company now has some 10,000 titles that will be available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and around 200 Czech films that are available for screenings abroad. “It’s also a technical tool for organisers of festivals,” he said, adding that Artinii is seeking second-generation theatrical rights, and not competing with traditional distributors. “We want to give people (around the world) a tool to see films.”

    The company’s initial development stage was creating the technology and putting security systems in place. Its current focus is lining up content before it begins its international launch. Krajicek told FNE that following the presentation they were asked to present the project in Tallinn and were approached by a foreign sales agent.

    Over the next month, Artinii will publish a series of articles on FNE explaining each of the individual aspects of the project. The articles will appear on the FNE Innovation page.