Storytek: Sten-Kristian Saluveer Introduces: Fienta: Fair, Honest, Efficient Ticketing and Event Management

    Rene Lasseron Rene Lasseron

    Our new guest is René Lasseron, Founder and CEO of Fienta, a company that makes it easy and affordable to organise and manage events, and to sell tickets.

    If you want people to attend your event, you need to promote it online - that much is clear. The global online event ticketing market is expected to reach $67.99 billion (US) by 2025, with more and more people taking the fastest and most efficient way to buy event tickets, and expecting the availability of an easy online option.

    There had only been the choice of a few big conglomerates, whose top priority was not helping event organisers. That’s all changed, thanks to Fienta.

    What Challenge is Fienta Solving?

    Fienta answers the question of what event management would be like if organisers didn’t have to worry about effective promotion, and had a promoter which acts in the interests of its clients. That is something which, the founders of the company saw, did not happen with the major players in the ticketing industry.

    The challenge is to help the event organisers sell tickets on their own terms. To allow them to sell in their own language and let their customers pay with convenient payment methods. To sell simultaneously on their own website, Facebook, and Instagram. And to make it possible for them to gather data and optimise marketing for that and future events.

    Most users go to ticketing sites looking for something specific. That might be a ticket to a film night at their town hall, or to an Andrea Bocelli concert at an arena. Whatever the reason might be, they want the smoothest path to buying that ticket. They don’t want to find a site password they’ve probably forgotten, or to have to scroll through hundreds of other similar event listings to find theirs.

    Most other ticketing sites are not fit for purpose in this era of distributed commerce. They don’t benefit big business, and as they don’t give pride of place to smaller events, they certainly don’t benefit businesses on a tight budget, or gig-economy freelancers. Fienta does.

    What’s the Solution?

    Fienta focuses only on what users need to sign up to an event in the quickest way possible, and on what event organisers need in order to promote their event effectively. Social media provides the best possible discovery tool, and Fienta is not trying to be Facebook. Its purpose is to display the events users are most likely to be interested in, based on their location.

    Fienta treats users and event organisers fairly, giving all events, of all sizes, a great spot on the site, along with prompt personalised support where it is needed. Organisers told us, in our market research, that they did not trust the major players in the ticketing market to make their event easy to find.

    They also felt they were paying an unnecessarily large amount for promotion on sites. Fienta guarantees that only the required commission will be charged, no more. There is a need for a site that everyone can afford to use to promote any kind of event. That’s what Fienta is.

    For the benefit of both the user and the organiser, event pages are quick-loading and beautiful, with each event given its own clean-looking landing page. Tickets can be purchased through a three-step process, in which users say how many tickets they want, then give their email address, and then pay securely with a credit card or bank transfer.

    How Does Fienta Work?

    • Organisers sign up through a simple registration form, requiring the minimum personal details needed.
    • They are then put through to a page where they can create a new event. After an event has been created, that will show on the same home screen.
    • Event details required are relevant and logical - name, description, time, location, and whether it will be a public or private event.
    • When the draft event has been saved, ticket types can be set up.
    • The appearance of the ticket, which comes with its own QR code and can be displayed on any mobile device, can be edited by the organiser.
    • An order form can be created, if the organiser wishes attendees to answer questions when purchasing tickets.
    • The look of the event page can be customised, with a high-resolution leading image, and the option to enter a principal page colour by HEX code.
    • The end user will then see the event location on a convenient map, and a clearly marked “buy ticket” link at the top of the page.
    • Organisers can register attendees at the event through the purpose-built Fienta ticket scanning app, which makes it easy to generate attendance data for every kind of event.

    About the Author: René Lasseron Founder and CEO @ Fienta

    René has led software development teams for the past 25 years. Studied informatics and business in Tallinn and Tokyo, he now focuses his passion of creating world-class software on disrupting ticketing industry.

    About Fienta:
    Fienta is an integrated platform for event promotion, customer engagement, analytics and ticket sales. Our mission is to create the easiest way to sell and buy tickets online.
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