FNE Cannes Producers Workshop 2014: Irena Kobosilová

    Irena Kobosilová Irena Kobosilová

    Film New Europe has teamed up with the upcoming Cannes Marche Du Film and the Producers Workshop to promote Central and Eastern European producers during Cannes.

    Irena Kobosilová, attending the workshop from the Czech Republic, is Head of Marketing and Communication at Cinemart, a.s which is currently working on the development of the feature animated film The Lucky Four Journey Around the World, the sequel of the very successful Czech animated film Lucky Four in the Service of the King.

    Kobosilová joined Cinemart in February 2013. She studied at Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, (MgA in Film and TV production in 2009 and a final thesis on Product Placement in Czech Feature Films), and she was an exchange student at Middlesex University of London, specializing in Film Studies (2005).

    She was a freelance Production Coordinator and Production Manager from 2002 to 2005, Account Manager at Ogilvy &Mather (2006-2008), Marketing &Sales Manager at Blue Orange from 2009 to 2010 and Label Manager at Bonton from 2010 to 2013.

    Opened in 1995 as an art house company, Cinemart, a.s. became the second-biggest distribution company in the Czech Republic when it shifted strategy last year under new management. Beside distribution it has been involved with the coproduction of Czech movies since its creation and with the production of them in recent years. Cinemart coproduced Michal Žabka’s Lucky Four in the Service of the King (2013) and Michal Samir’s young generation film Hany (released in May 2014).

    The Lucky Four Journey Around the World is a full length animated movie based on the popular comics published since 1969. The film combines 3D animation with the classical animation technique, following the adventures of four anthropogenic animated animals, some of the most popular characters from the Czech comics: Fifinka (a female dog), Piňďa (a rabbit), Bobík (a pig) and Myšpulín (a cat).

    She told FNE that she has no expectations about the workshop. “I just hope I’ll meet many new faces and interesting people with the passion for the film business,” she said. What she enjoys most in her work is watching movies in cinema during the working hours. For someone who was three times world champion in light contact and semi contact at kickboxing, cinema seems to be a soft spot.

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