PRODUCTION: Kajínek release postponed

By Irena Zemanová

    The world release of one of the anticipated Czech criminal thriller Kajínek, based on a true criminal case of the murderer Jiří Kajínek, is postponed to August 5, producer and director Petr Jákl of J.B.J. Film Production (www.jbj-film.cz) announced.

    "The postpone is due to postproduction and the huge amount of film material we have," said Jákl, who cowrote the screenplay with Marek Dobeš and Štěpán Kopřiva. The budget of the movie is CZK 55 million (2.1 million euros). Hollywood Classic Entertainment company (www.hce.cz) is distributing.

    The big budget movie about Czech prisoner Jiří Kajínek, who was condemned to life for two murders comitted in 1993, will be also presented to journalists and film industry experts at Karlovy Vary International Film festival (www.kviff.com), Jákl said.

    Jákl and his production company has exclusive copyright to film Kajínek‘s case. Kajinek, who still stands on his claim of innocence and miscarriage of justice, gave the copyright to Jákl personally.

    The international cast includes Russian actor Konstantin Lavronenko who plays the title role, Polish actor Boguslaw Linda, German actor Werner Daehn, Czech actress Tatiana Vilhelmová. and Czech actors Michal Dlouhý and Vladimír Dlouhý. Czech journalist Josef Klíma, who covered Kajínek´s case plays himself in the film.


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