Production: Adrienn Pál in post-production

By Dávid Dercsényi

    Director Ágnes Kocsis (Friss levegő/Fresh Air) has completed filming and is in post-production with her new film, Adrienn Pál.

    Adrienn Pál, and the story is about Piroska (Éva Gábor), a nurse who is bored of her life and sets out to find her childhood friend, Adrienn Pál.

    The script was written by Kocsis and her husband Andrea Roberti, and developed at the CineLink workshop (http://www.sff.ba/content.php/en/cinelink).


    The production budget was EUR 1.5 million, with EUR 555,500 funded by the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary. The Hungarian production company is the KMH Film (www.kmhfilm.hu), with producer Ferenc Pusztai. Co-production companies are Cinema Defacto (http://cinemadefacto.com), FreibeuterFilm (www.freibeuterfilm.com) and Isabella Films (www.isabellafilms.com).

    Following a difficult casting process, shooting lasted for 39 days. Post-production is taking place in Vienna and audio is being completed in Holland. Adrienn Pál is planned to be released in the beginning of 2010, at the Hungarian Film Week.




    Director: Ágnes Kocsis

    Writers: Ágnes Kocsis, Andrea Roberti

    Producer: Ferenc Pusztai

    Cinematographer: Ádám Fillenz

    Editing: Tamás Kollányi

    Production Design by Adrienn Asztalos, Alexandra Maringer


    Éva Gábor

    Izabella Hegyi

    Lia Pokorny

    Ákos Horváth

    István Znamenák

    KMH Film

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