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Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition Spotlight: Mr. Kuka's Advice

Katarzyna Grynienko 2008-09-10

Dariusz Gajewski's Polish-Austrian co-production Mr. Kuka's Advice screens in the Gdynia main competition following a successful premier in Austria.

Active ImageActive ImageThe story features a young man in his twenties who decides to go away for a summer season job.

He turns to his neighbor, Mr.Kuka, an older man spent many years as a "working tourist" and takes his advice to leave for Vienna, where he has to face the realities of living abroad.

"The movie was a joint effort from Opus Film ( and Prisma Film ( from Austria. We also got financing from PTV-Film Agency, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation - ORF, Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund and the Polish Film Institute (," Ewa Puszynska, the main producer from Opus Film told FNE. "The movie premiered on September 3 in Austria and was very well recieved. We are definetly planning to distribute this picture internationally, as it is a joint effort from Austria and Poland. Atlas Film( is handling the sales," she adds. The total budget is 7.4 million slotys (2.1 million Euros) with 690,000 Euros from PFI(

Dariusz Gajewski's debut feature film Warsaw won the best director and the best script awards at the 2003 competiton in Gdynia.