PRODUCTION: Romanian Independent Film Starring Armand Assante Wraps Shooting in Romania

    PRODUCTION: Romanian Independent Film Starring Armand Assante Wraps Shooting in Romania credit: Bogdan Comănescu

    BUCHAREST: Armand Assante stars in The Wanderers, an independent feature film produced and directed by Dragoș Buliga, which wrapped shooting in Bucharest on 21 July 2016. The film is a supernatural thriller made with an international cast and crew.

    The script written by Octav Gheorghe follows the most famous ghosts and vampires hunter (Armand Assante), who goes to a village in Transylvania together with an Israeli journalist in order to track a mysterious story. They will meet there a beautiful Romanian girl, who aspires to become a journalist and a Korean crew scouting for a reality show.

    The cast includes the Israeli Lior Ashkenazi, Korean actors Bae Junghwa and Sun Hojae, Romanian actors Raluca Aprodu and Răzvan Vasilescu and the Bosnian actor Branko Duric.

    The film was shot in Sighisoara, Bacău county and Bucharest. Dragoș Buliga is producing through Frame Film (the same company that produced his successful TV series Las Fierbinți for the Pro TV channel) in coproduction with That’s the Film. The budget was not disclosed, but according to a press release it is “significant”. 

    The international crew includes the make-up effects designer Erik Gosselin (X-Men: Apocalypse, Crimson Peak). The premiere is set for 2017.

    Director: Dragoș Buliga
    Scriptwriter: Octav Gheorghe
    DoP: Șerban Ionescu
    Art Director: Sorin Boncea
    Costumes Designer: Luminița Lungu
    Make-up Effects Designer: Erik Gosselin
    Special make-up: Edwina Voda
    Visual Effects: Felician Lepadatu
    Cast: Armand Assante, Lior Ashkenazi, Bae Junghwa, Sun Hojae, Raluca Aprodu, Răzvan Vasilescu, Branko Duric, Oana Marcu, Alexandra Apetrei, Pali Vecsei, George Remeș, Bogdan Nechifor, Claudiu Bleonț