PRODUCTION: Second Season of Shadows Series in Postproduction

    Shadows by Bogdan Mirica and Igor Cobileanski Shadows by Bogdan Mirica and Igor Cobileanski

    BUCHAREST: The second season of the HBO Europe series Shadows / Umbre, produced and shot in Romania in autumn-winter 2016, is currently in postproduction with the premiere set for 2017.

    The first season of the series created and directed by Bogdan Mirică and Igor Cobileanski after the format Small Time Gangster (created by Boilermaker Burberry and licensed by DRG Formats) premiered in December 2014, becoming the most watched HBO production shot in Romania.

    Bogdan Mirică is the sole writer and shares the directing credits with Igor Cobileanski on the second season of the series. Șerban Pavlu returns as Relu, the main character, the taxi driver who gets involved with the underground mafia.

    Antony Root, Wayne Henry and Steve Mathews are executive producers from HBO Europe, and Alina David is producing. The Romanian service company servicing is Multi Media Est, represented by Dragoș Vîlcu and Valentin Antofi.

    The 59 shooting days took place mostly in Bucharest.

    Between Shadows season one and two, Mirică made his debut feature, Dogs / Câini, which was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize in 2016 Cannes Un Certain Regard, and Coblineaski directed the road movie Eastern Business / Afacerea Est, the first Romanian/Lithuanian coproduction.

    Production Information:

    Multi Media Est
    Intrarea Temisana 5, Bucuresti 010795, Romania
    Phone+40 21 312 4826
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    Directors: Bogdan Mirica, Igor Cobileanski
    Writer: Bogdan Mirica
    DoP: Andrei Butica
    Original music: Adam Balasz
    Cast: Serban Pavlu