Versatile Picks Up Andrei Crețulescu's Debut Feature

    Charleston aka Charlton Heston by Andrei Crețulescu Charleston aka Charlton Heston by Andrei Crețulescu credit: Adi Marineci

    BUCHAREST: Andrei Crețulescu's debut feature Charleston aka Charlton Heston was picked up by Paris-based sales agent Versatile. This Romanian/French coproduction is currently in postproduction and set to be finished end of April 2017.

    The film written by Crețulescu himself tells the story of a man who is visited by his wife’s lover three weeks after his wife’s death. The lover asks for help and closure. The main characters are played by Şerban Pavlu (Everybody in Our Family/Toată lumea din familia noastră, HiFilm Production) and Radu Iacoban. The cast includes Ana Ciontea, Victor Rebengiuc, Adrian Titieni, Gavril Pătru, Andreea Vasile, Dorian Boguță, Alina Berzunțeanu and Ana Ularu. Barbu Bălășoiu (Sieranevada, Mandragora) is the DoP.

    The film is produced by Velvet Moraru through Romania’s Icon Production in coproduction with France’s Les films du tambour and in association with Romania’s Kinosseur. Andrei Crețulescu, who owns Kinosseur, has also the producer's credit.

    A former film critic, Andrei Crețulescu had previously made several short films including Ramona, which was awarded the Canal+ Award in 2015 Cannes Critics Week.