Romanian Film Professionals Petition For Tax Incentives


    BUCHAREST: A petition pointing out to the need of having a tax incentives scheme in Romania has been signed by approximately 1,500 professionals since 28 November 2017.

    Despite its geography, facilities and professionals, Romania doesn’t have a tax incentives scheme yet. The former minister of Culture Corina Șuteu announced her intention to launch such a scheme in Cannes in 2016, but Șuteu’s intentions aiming at a multi-leveled reform in the film industry were blocked when the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) won the parliamentary elections in November 2016 and rejected the new Film Law in spring 2017.

    “A state aid scheme could increase the foreign film productions in Romania by up to seven times to approximately 350 m EUR, and the total aggregated economic impact could go up to EUR 1.4 billion EUR, with over 5,600 jobs and paid taxes of 110-140 m EUR,” said Mihaela Mitroi, Tax and Legal Services Leader, PwC Romania in 2015.

    In autumn 2015, PwC Romania issued a report about the Romanian film industry and its need of an aid scheme. The aggregate turnover of the film industry in Romania was approximately 53 m EUR, out of which 82% was generated by foreign films shot in Romania, according to the statistics of PwC Romania in 2015. PwC also estimated that if such an aid scheme were applied, it would generate revenues up to four times higher than the value of the subsidy, which was estimated at up to 35 m EUR per year.