More than 200 films screened in this year's 27th edition of the International Istanbul Film Festival

The festival boasts both a national and international competition but it is the 12 films in the national competition that draw international visitors and hungry fest programmers from around the…
22-04-2008 m

Two Turkish productions competing in Eurasia festival

Two Turkish productions are included within the competition section of International Eurasia Film Festival this year.

Miranda Richardson, Nicholas Roeg to attend Eurasia film festival

The Third International Eurasia Film Festival, under the auspices of the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, will host British actress Miranda Richardson and Nicholas Roeg during the Turkish premiere of…

More than 80 titles to be screened at Eurasia Film Festival

More than 80 titles will be screened at the 3rd International Eurasia Film Festival, which is the gateway to the 44th Antalya Film Festival in Turkey. Awards of $75,000 and…

Turkish film nominated in best European debut category

A Turkish film is among four debut productions nominated for the "European Discovery" category of the European Film Awards for 2007. The film, A Man's Fear of God (Takva), is…