A decade of a unique music festival in a documentary collage All Tomorrow’s Parties

    While Europe follows the rhythm of a number of huge music festivals, Kaunas International Film Festival offers its viewers an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most popular events, All Tomorrow's Parties, which takes place at a holiday camp by the sea in the UK and has been documented on film.

    The free of charge alternative music festival has been organised in England for 10 years now and always draws thousands music lovers from Europe and all over the world. All Tomorrow's Parties can be distinguished from the abundance of other festivals by the fact that each year the festival's line-up is assembled by a different performer or band which is entitled to invite its favourite musicians.

    The film bears the name of the festival and is made up of material gathered by performers and their fans throughout the 10 years of the festival's history. All this material was merged into a motley documentary collage, which reveals unexpected angles of the event, while the plotline of the film reminds of a carousel of emotions and experiences continuously spinning at an enormous speed.

    "The curators of the first All Tomorrow's Parties festival were the members of my favourite band Mogwai," remembers Tomas Tengmark, producer of the programme of Kaunas International Film Festival. "The uniqueness of this festival lies in its striving to create a cosy, friendly and non-commercial environment among the participants as well as the fans. All Tomorrow's Parties has been fostered by outstanding bands and performers of the world, and we are happy to present the festival's special visual diary that has been created throughout the years."

    The film features historical images of performances of such alternative music stars as Sonic Youth, Portishead, David Cross, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Iggy and the Stooges, Mars Volta and many others. All Tomorrow's Parties breaks all myths about rock stars. It is about real people with real emotions expressing themselves through the sounds of live music. It is about the passion of crazy music lovers for art, spree and freedom.

    The film has only been screened in festivals in the USA and Europe, therefore Kaunas International Film Festival offers a unique opportunity to join the motion of All Tomorrow's Parties and get the feeling of the real spirit of music during this premiere.

    The muse of music is the constant guest of the Kaunas International Film Festival and each year it takes a more honourable seat. This time, the muse of music welcomes cineastes with an exceptionally colourful festival's programme "Music Moves the World".

    Full programme of the festival can be found at http://www.kinofestivalis.lt/.