Our inner world has no cultural differences


After several impressive shorts, the director Matej Bobrik has the premiere of his feature-length documentary debut at Warsaw International Film Festival. Our Little Poland contains all basic features of his previous work, including the observation of a small community, often far from the centre of vivid social life and society, a humorous tone and forceful camera with contrasting tendencies. This time, he observes Japanese students of the Polish language and culture in Tokyo, who are preparing for a drama performance.

This mumblecore-inspired documentary concerns many social themes and combines them in a balanced and creative formal way. Young people's troubles make us smile sometimes, but their visions of the world are, in fact, a more serious theme. It's not just about cultural differences between Japanese and Polish culture, there are also more global issues, like the young female perspective of the future or living the life of your dreams instead of being one of the metro-travelling zombies from the corporations.

Making a play with the character of Nicolas Copernicus or the audiotapes listened to during lectures don't just play a background role in the documentary. They also have a symbolic significance, reflecting the themes the students are talking about their during lunch breaks. We can find contrasts between Tokyo and Poland in the way of living, there is also an impressive symbolic camera, that also finds contrasts - such as that between a passing metro and blossom trees swaying. But Our Little Poland shows, that our inner world does not depend on our nationality – as human beings, we cope with similar problems, especially when we are young.

Last modified on 18-10-2019