FNE Visegrad 2021: Q&A with Viktoria Petrányi, Co-Founder of Proton Cinema

BUDAPEST: Producer Viktoria Petrányi, the co-founder of Proton Cinema, whose long list of credits includes Hungarian award-winning titles such as White God, as well as acclaimed international productions, talks to FNE about the Hungarian production sector as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Q&A with Czech and Slovak Distributor Ivan Hronec

BRATISLAVA: Ivan Hronec is a founder and CEO of Film Europe, which distributes award-winning films selected from European productions and international festivals. He is also an exhibitor with two famous art house cinemas as well as the operator of the Film Europe TV Channel and VOD platform Edsonline, giving him a unique overview of both the exhibition and distribution sectors.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Hungarian Film Production Booms in 2021 Despite the Pandemic

BUDAPEST: The Hungarian film industry will close a record year in 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with a spend of more than 200 billion HUF / 544m EUR, the country’s National Film Bureau's preliminary figures show.


FNE Podcast: YR2021: Jiri Konecny: Producer, Czech Republic

FNE’s Georgian correspondent Alexander Gabelia spoke to Jiri Konecny, emerging producer from the Czech Republic, about the challenges he has faced as a producer during the pandemic, as well as about the post-pandemic recovery of the European film industry, the 2021 films that he produced or coproduced, and the importance of international coproductions.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Distributors in Hungary See Cause for Optimism

BUDAPEST: Although film distributors in Hungary had predicted an upheaval in film distribution patterns as a result of COVID-19 – with streaming and VOD as likely winners – their worst fears have not come to pass during the recovery period, and they are now looking ahead with cautious optimism.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Hungarian Exhibitors See Return of Audiences After COVID Closures

BUDAPEST: The number of cinema-goers has been rising only slowly in 2021, following the period of shut down forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.


FNE Visegrad 2021: Polish Film Production Recovers From COVID Pandemic

WARSAW: Polish producers have adapted to working under COVID restrictions and production has continued to recover during 2021.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Slovak Distribution Facing Challenges in Fight to Recover

BRATISLAVA: Slovak distributors recovered some momentum during the second half of 2021, releasing several long-awaited domestic titles, which had been waiting to premiere since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as several new titles.


FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR2021: Tamas Liszka: Budapest Cinemas Group

FNE’s Georgian correspondent Alexander Gabelia spoke to Hungarian Tamas Liszka who is head of the Budapest Cinemas Group, about the challenges he has faced as a cinema operator during the pandemic, as well as about the post-pandemic recovery of the Hungarian exhibition. Tamas talks about films, audiences, and solidarity, which cinema critically needs today.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Q&A with Producer and PISF Expert Kamil Przełęcki

WARSAW: Polish film and television producer, and PISF expert Kamil Przełęcki, talks to FNE about the realities of the Polish film production market recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.