Bulgaria Pumps More Funding into New Projects in 2016


    SOFIA: Bulgaria’s National Film Center revised its initial decision to cut funding available to new film projects applying for support in 2016.

    NFC acting director Kamen Balkanski announced the decision to restore the second grant contest that was cancelled in February 2016. Then the main reason for reduced funding for new applicants was the backlog of older, previously approved projects that have announced that they plan to go into production in 2016. 

    Following the decision atotal of 5,399,242 EUR / 10,560,000 BGN dedicated to film production will be allotted in 2016. Balkanski also restored the number of the regular calls for coproductions, which according to the Film Industry Act have to be four.

    New feature film projects will be funded with 3,835,382 EUR / 7.5 m BNG in two grant calls, one in May and the second one in November 2016. The funding amounts will be 1,789,845 EUR / 3.5 mBGN and 2,045,537 EUR /4 m BGN, respectively.

    The NFC will keep the two formats for feature films introduced in 2016, the first for projects with budgets higher than 307,000 EUR / 600,000 BGN, and the second for projects with budgets lower than this amount. The total amount for the first format will be 2,500,669EUR / 4,890,000 BGN while the second one will be 664,800EUR / 1.3 m BGN.

    Debut features will receive production grants totaling 383,538 EUR / 750,000 BGN. The amount for the short films will be 204,553 EUR / 400,000 BGN.

    The four calls for coproductions will allot the total amount of 439,790 EUR / 860,000 BGN. Each contest will be funded with 109,948 EUR / 215,000 BGN. Documentaries will be supported with 562,523 EUR / 1.1 m BGN and the same amount will be allotted to animated films.