PRODUCTION: Adrian Panek Shoots Polish/Dutch/German Coproduction

Werewolf by Adrian Panek Werewolf by Adrian Panek photo: Balapolis / Łukasz-Bąk

WARSAW: Adrian Panek is currently shooting his second feature film Werewolf, set in the aftermath of WWII. This Polish/Dutch/German coproduction is scheduled to be released in 2018.

The story written by Adrian Panek is set in 1945 and follows eight children freed from the Gross-Rosen concentration camp. A small orphanage, run by 20-year-old fellow camp survivor Hanka, is set up for them in the middle of the forest. The kids try to regain what is left from their childhood, when the nightmare comes back in the form of wild wolf dogs that were used to guard them in the camp.

The film is produced by Agata Szymańska and Magdalena Kamińska through Balapolis in coproduction with the Dutch company House of Netherhorror and Germany’s Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion. The budget is 1.1 m EUR / 5 m PLN, of which 469,444 EUR / 2 m PLN is a production grant from the Polish Film Institute. The Netherlands Film Fund is also supporting.

"This is a story about how evil can become contagious. It is a story about people who were treated like animals and who are struggling now to return to their human form", Adrian Panek told FNE.

The cast of international actors includes Danuta Stenka, Sonia Mietelica, Nicolas Przygoda and Werner Daehn.

Shooting launched in July 2017 and will wrap at the end of November 2017. Shooting takes place on location in Góry Stołowe National Park, the Bułowice Palace and at the Molke Museum.

Production Information:

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Director: Adrian Panek
Screenwriter: Adrian Panek 
Cast: Danuta Stenka, Sonia Mietielica, Nicolas Przygoda, Werner Daehn