French DVD distribution for Slovak “jewels”

By FNE Staff

    France's Maladiva Films released DVD versions of four Slovak classics from the 1960's to French-speaking European territories France, Belgium, and Switzerland on 7 October 2010. They include two films by enfant terrible Juraj Jakubisko (Birds, Orphans and Fools and The Prime of Life), Stefan Uher's esteemed The Sun in A Net, and The Boxer and Death from Peter Solans.

    The collection of the Slovak films is released in original version with French and English subtitles. Along with filmographies and texts about the films, the DVD's contain original contemporary interviews. The collection is released in co-operation with the Slovak Film Institute (www.sfu.sk).

    The Parisian-based company also plans DVD releases of Czech films from the same period in December 2010 and January 2011. Czech and Polish films feature prominently in the company's catalogue, and the addition of Slovak films was welcomed by the Slovak Film Institute.